The history of horse racing

Horse racing is a discipline with an incredible story. If you want to wager on modern events of it, you can go to the website now. The sport can trace its roots thousands of years back, and some of the ancient civilizations that absolutely loved include:

  • Greece;
  • Babylon;
  • Egypt;
  • and Rome.

They were racing horses way back in 1500 BCE. Other groups like the Romans introduced their own innovations, such as chariot races, which were incredibly vertiginous and also dangerous events too. There are plenty of modern horse racing events at 1xBet, where you can be rewarded like in no other place of its kind.

The Middle Ages

But let’s fast forward to the Middle Ages. To the 12th century to be exact. Here European knights returned from the Crusades with Arabian horses, and this would basically change these noble animals forever. If you like other kinds of races, the Formula 1 betting from 1xBet has you covered, as here you will find the best events of this sport too.

They mixed these newly brought Arabian horses with the breeds they already had, and that’s how the Thoroughbred was born, which is basically the best breed when it comes to racing.

Things started getting serious in the 17th and 18th centuries. England is setting up rules, making it all official. And this isn’t just a sport for rich people anymore. It’s catching on everywhere. There is Formula 1 betting from the 1xBet platform, and here you can place wagers on horse races too.

Reaching the modern era

America’s not far behind either. They kick off their horse racing scene in 1665 in New York. By the time we hit 1868, they’re getting all professional with the American Stud Book. Also, by these years, some of the most traditional racing events were being born. There is horse race betting today available on 1xBet, and here you always have the chance to win huge rewards too.

Regarding the size of the sport. In 2020, in the States alone, people bet over $11 billion on horse races. The Kentucky Derby is a spectacular event too. Here the legendary horse called Secretariat nailed the fastest time ever in 1973, which was less than 2 minutes. That’s like sprinting, but for horses.

Across the pond, the Brits have the Grand National. This thing started in 1839, and it’s another highly respected event too.

Technology is another ingredient that has changed the game. Now there is computerized betting, slow-mo replays for those nail-biting finishes, and some next-level vet care keeping these equine athletes in top shape. And speaking about betting, there is horse racing available today on 1xBet, which is the best platform to wager on this discipline.