The High Cost of Poor Cyber Security in the UK

Businesses are often the targets of cyberattacks, which is usually entirely preventable. Security is a crucial consideration, especially for online transactions.

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What is Cyber Security

There are a few categories whereby you can categorise cybersecurity. 

  • Network security is when you secure your network against attacks from outside. 
  • Application security allows you to keep your devices safe from malware.
  • Information security helps you protect your data. 

These measures are about protecting all your computer equipment against any possible threats from outside. 

Why is Cyber Security so Important?

Estimations say that there are more than 7 billion attacks against data files in the first quarter of 2019. If you have personal information from clients, it’s imperative to keep it safe. Attacks don’t only lead to loss of monetary income, but it could potentially destroy your business reputation. Clients want to know that they can trust you with their sensitive data.  

The Cost of Poor Security

According to a report from the Centre of Economics and Business Research, cyber-attacks cost British companies an estimated £34 billion. That’s just the direct cost. The implicit costs of poor cybersecurity UK, such as losing the loyalty of your clients, might be even higher. 

In the UK there are also fines that you’ll have to pay for the poor security. Many people think that their small business won’t attract a cyberattack, but studies have shown that hackers target smaller companies because they often don’t follow regulations. In this case, reports show that 88% of small businesses have been targeted. That means that it most likely will happen to your business. Your company might never recover from an attack. 

Many hackers have started holding company servers for ransom. They do this by loading ransomware on your server and then denying you access until you’ve met specific demands. These demands often include large amounts that you need to pay over. While a hacker has your server under his control, he can easily copy sensitive information and later sell it for profit. 

AI also has a part to play in security. With advancements in this field, it can be both a threat or an ally. If you’ve never thought about internet security, now is the time to do so. 

How Can You Stay Safe?

You can look at the cybersecurity casinos use and implement similar measures. For instance, use SSL encryption to keep data safe. Invest in two-factor authentication, especially if you have online transactions. 

Cybersecurity that gaming uses is also an excellent example of what you could implement. Gamers disclose sensitive information over the internet, which can be valuable to hackers, so they often use extensive security measures. It’s worth taking a look at how they keep their data safe so that you can invest in similar methods. 


It might be expensive to invest in security, but when you take all the costs into account if you don’t, you’ll see that it’s a smart investment to make. You actually can’t afford to have poor security, especially if you have a small or medium business. You should expect an attack at any time and thus be ready for when it happens. 

Make sure that all your networks, servers, and devices are protected with the best possible measures. These measures mean that you can stay competitive in the market without the unnecessary costs to recover from an attack.