The Best of Football That Isn’t Football

We all love watching football; doesn’t matter if it’s derby day or the cup final, there’s nothing quite like it. With that said, there are only so many games in a week, and only so many you’re even able to watch.

The good news is that football has a lot more to offer that isn’t done on match-day, so whether you enjoy a kickabout or not, there should be something here for you.

Football Video Games

Let’s get the two obvious ones out of the way first, as it’s almost certain that you know about FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, the two mainstays of the virtual football world. What you may be a little less familiar with is Football Manager, a game that does exactly what it says. It’s a completely off-the-field experience for those fans who are certain that they can do a better job than professional managers.

Want something more action-filled? While it isn’t exactly football as you know it, Rocket League is a great substitute, featuring the sport merged with rocket-powered cars and incredible acrobatics. It’s like an organised Top Gear special. There’s even a mobile version, Sideswipe, which means there’s no reason not to have a go.

Football Slot Games

Football has been represented in the world of slots for well over a decade at this point, and there’s a lot here for the average footy fan. If casinos aren’t normally your thing, don’t worry; local casino MrQ offers a handy ‘how to play slots guide‘ to get you started, although by nature most of these games are pretty simple to pick up once you get your hands on them.

There are dozens of slot games featuring both the sport and players, including a certain infamous Argentinian legend, as well as several live titles that are football themed but use roulette or dice to play. These games are being released even now, so there’s something new popping up all the time.


This one is pretty unusual and may sound more like something that the lads thought up late on a Saturday night, but footgolf is a genuine activity you can go out and play. There are dozens and dozens of official courses across the UK, which are usually converted golf courses with much larger holes.

The game plays exactly how you’d expect. You follow all the rules and scoring of golf, but you use your own leg instead of any clubs, and a football in place of an ordinary golf ball. It’s quickly becoming an activity on the scale of paintball, a perfect weekend event for someone’s birthday or just a good day out. Just be warned – if you’re that one in the group with no coordination, there’s no faster way to get exposed for it.

That’s three great ways to keep enjoying football when there are no matches on, and even some perfect things to keep you in the football mood in the half-time lull. See you all out there on the footgolf course!