The All Blacks and TUDOR Watches

The All Blacks are one of the most feared teams in world sport. Their dominance in International rugby is admired and envied by fans of the sport and with a win percentage of almost 77% since 1903, it’s easy to see why. 

They play with swagger and style on the pitch, which has set up a partnership with world-renowned watchmakers, TUDOR. The sports team and timepiece brand’s collaboration is exciting for both parties and we’re going to take a deeper dive into it. 

So, whether you’re a rugby fan or an admirer of the TUDOR brand, continue reading to see how the two have combined to create an exciting campaign. 

Who are the All Blacks?

They are the New Zealand rugby union team. They’re currently third in the Men’s world rankings and get the All Blacks nickname because that’s the colour of the kit they play in. 

The players would die for the shirt they wear during games and many are of the opinion that they are stewards of the shirt and their only job is to leave the team in a better place than when they started. 

The TUDOR brand

TUDOR was established by Rolex founder, Hans Wilsdorf in 1926 and the brands have operated as sister companies ever since. The watches are renowned for style, character and quality but are slightly cheaper than a Rolex. 

These Swiss-made watches remain popular almost 100 years on from their creation and will continue to do so for many years to come. 

Why does this partnership make sense?

While the link between rugby and wristwatches may be hard to grasp on the surface, it actually makes a lot of sense. Both share a common trait of rich heritage mixed with blends of modernity. 

While TUDOR combines classic watchmaking techniques with advanced technology for state-of-the-art timepieces, so does this New Zealand rugby team. Their heritage is celebrated ahead of each game with the famous Haka, yet they continue to find new ways to push their limits to dominate the world of rugby. 

This impressive link between the two makes it a natural fit that is sure to inspire many rugby fans to pick up a new TUDOR watch that’ll look great wherever they go.

More about the partnership

While famous faces are sure to help any brand promote their watches, the All Blacks are a natural fit to promote options like the Black Bay Chrono. This beautiful black sports chronograph matches the jersey colours that the New Zealand national team play in and its sleekness matches the All Black’s style of play on the pitch. 

TUDOR were also the official timekeeper for the 2023 Rugby World Cup, combining their partnership with the All Blacks and the rest of rugby. This combination of seeing the brand on TV, in the stadiums and on the All Black players’ wrists gave the brand great coverage throughout the tournament.