Super Computer Predicts Euro 2020 Finishes

A generated simulation of the Euro 2020 has been created via a supercomputer, with an end result that gives a huge underdog as the winner, but also setting England with a semi-final defeat once again. England as you most likely know, never have managed to surpass the last stage of four since the year 1966, where they exited the semi-finals for the World Cup, towards West Germany, in addition to the Euro 96 again to Germany, and the 2018 world cup against Croatia.

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While England is predicted to fall short and suffer yet another heartbreak, the supercomputer fed us an even greater surprise with an underdog winner, shocking pretty much everyone. The simulations suggest that Czech Republic will go on forward within the Euros to win in summer, While England will lose in the Group stage it is believed.

The Euro tournaments have always managed to throw a surprise within the mix, with underdog winners in the past including Denmark, Greece etc. but the Czechs have only ever managed to get to the finals before back in 1996. Giving them a triumph will be a huge upset and certainly be a matter of conversation many months later.

Vladimir Coufal and Tomas Soucek, are two players from Czech Republic, who have really created an impact within the Premier League during the past season. Therefore, the computer simulation must really show that the pair will carry on forward such superb form throughout the summer, and give us a greater shock than that which was witnessed in West Ham’s finishing in sixth place.

The computer generation has predicted that England will go on to win all three of the games within the group, in addition to saying they will have a 5-2 victory over previous winners Croatia. It is believed that there will be a tense 1-0 win over the team Scotland, before a triumph over the Czech Republic team with a 2-1. 

Should the simulation be correct, that would leave England with the runners up France to face the last 16 stages. It is believed that England will have a predicted 3-1 win, due to the return of Harry Maguire back in his defensive prime. However, the computer could just possibly be overheating here really, right?

The quarter final will then showcase the Polish team alongside England, who will happen to win them at a 3-2 score, however just like the World Cup, it seems to be the case of the simulation, that the semi-final will be the undoing of the English football team. 

While Denmark have been underdog winners of the Euros before, back in 1992, if this simulation is correct, it will mean that we will see them in the final against the predicted winners Czech Republic. If this is the case, and we see the two teams actually make it into the final, it will certainly live to see many shocked faces. There is no doubt here at all. It is believed that the Czechs will manage to win by a 3-2 win within the Wembley stadium, which will of course have many of us rub our eyes in utter shock. It is however the saying of a humble computer though after all, right? What makes us really believe that this could actually happen?

The supercomputer has taken its predictions one step further however, by stating that England will only be able to win the Euro 2020, by a 5.2% chance. While England do have a particularly great line-up of 26 players, that will of course hurt their egos by just a bit, as nobody ever wants to call England an underdog really, do they? 

The algorithm states its predictions based on the betting market odds currently existing, and the past and previous performances throughout history. But surely one can question despite all of this, if underdogs with no records can make the predictions, who is to say that England can’t make a shock win too?