Sports Betting Sites Not on GamStop – How Do They Compare to UK Sites?

Sports betting sites not on GamStop are growing in popularity after the UK gambling industry has been forced to clamp down on gambling. Check out betwinner popular online game as an example of this. Pressure from social groups and government ministers has seen the UK Gambling Commission moving to add more and more restrictions on operators as it seeks to protect consumers from problem gambling. One of the key implementations was an inability to use credit cards for deposits on the sites, while other restrictions are placed on game play, including reduced bet sizing and spin timers. 

Non GamStop sites are being used more and more for sports betting and this article will discuss how they compare to the UK sportsbook sites.

How do Sites not on GamStop Compare to UK Sportsbooks? 

The arrival of the GamStop program was the latest in a line of new rules which were applied to the UK betting industry. GamStop UK is a non-profit organization that was setup to prevent problem gambling. This is a service that is exclusive to the Great Britain and Northern Ireland betting market and the idea is that punters can sign up to enforce an extended self-exclusion from betting sites. The service for free and requires the contact details of individuals that were used to set up gambling site accounts. 

The self-exclusion periods are non-reversable once enforced and can be for periods of 6 months, 1 year, or even 5 years.

The arrival of new schemes such as GamStop have added to the layers of restrictions being applied at UK casinos and sports betting sites. While it is important to protect consumers from the perils of problem gambling, it can also remove some of the enjoyment and freedoms for those who are in control of their betting habits. The recent rule changes have made the experience of betting less free, with limits on bonuses and deposits. 

How do Betting Sites Not on GamStop Work? 

The growth in non GamStop sites is being driven by this clampdown in rules and these betting sites are simply those that are setup in foreign countries which are not under the UK Gambling Commission’ rules. 

Non-UK sites are still regulated by their relevant authority, with one example being the Malta Gaming Authority. Malta was previously a British colony but found independence in the 1970s. The country is now an EU member and so the gaming environment is what you would expect from other nations in the Eurozone, with strict KYC rules and money laundering protections. 

Because gambling sites are now largely online businesses, the companies are increasingly setting up in countries that have warmer climates and lighter rules on taxation and business regulation. Malta offers dozens of regulated sites for sports betting and casino activities. In recent years, the emergence of South American companies has seen Curacao and Panama among the popular destinations for non UK sites. For punters that are interested in finding out more, the use of online forums can help to find reliable companies and share in others’ experience with the non UK sites. 

These sites offer an alternative to UK sportsbooks not with GamStop and shouldn’t be seen as way to get around the GamStop rules.

UK Sportsbooks vs Non GamStop Sites 

The use of non GamStop sites for sports betting will have its advantages and disadvantages. The sites still offer access to all of your favourite sports, but they be less supportive in areas such as dispute resolution. This is something to consider before signing up.

Below are some of the more common pros and cons of both options:

Pros UK 

  • Continued access to favourite UK sports, teams, and events
  • Security of using a licensed UKGC company
  • IBAS support for third-party dispute regulation
  • GBP deposits as standard
  • GamStop self-exclusion available

Cons UK:

  • Bet size and deposit restrictions
  • Credit cards not accepted, cryptos usually not supported
  • Limited bonuses available
  • Limited access to global sporting events

Non-UK pros:

  • More frequent, and generous bonuses
  • Access to global sports events not found in UK sites
  • Larger selection of payment methods
  • Access to different casino games if they offer these sections
  • Less limitations on wagering, etc.

Non-UK cons:

  • No GamStop protection for problem gambling (self-exclusions are available)
  • May not take GBP deposits
  • Lack of support for third-party dispute resolution
  • Beware of non-licensed companies

What Else Can Non GamStop Sites Offer? 

The sites not operating on GamStop are more flexible in what they can offer consumers and some added advantages can include a larger range of funding options, such as digital wallet providers and cryptocurrencies. This can be helpful if punters want to separate their gambling from their everyday transactions and the removal of credit cards removes that. 

Non GamStop companies also offer similar casino gaming experiences to the UKGC betting sites with large gaming libraries and the latest technologies for an enjoyable gaming experience. 


The move to clampdown on problem gambling in the UK has meant that punters are limited in their choices. For those that are comfortable with their betting habits, the new rules can be a nuisance and reduce the freedoms available for funding and bet sizes.

The one size fits all approach to regulations always has drawbacks for some and if UK punters are seeing the enjoyment removed from their experience then they should consider trying out betting sites not on GamStop. These sites shouldn’t be used as a means to sidestep the GamStop rules, but they can offer more freedoms to those who feel comfortable in their betting choices.