Sports Bets with Guaranteed Profit

Sports events are the most fascinating when they bring a profit. Over time, smart betters have thought up a way to win every time. This is neither fiction nor a marketing ploy, and bookies are taking measures to fight this. Here is how it works.

When you bet on the outcome of a football or tennis match, there are two possible outcomes. As the result is beyond your control, betting is similar to gambling. The best mobile online casinos for kiwis provide decent odds, but nothing guarantees you hit their million-dollar jackpot. The outcome is defined by their random number generator. In sports betting, there is a way to walk away as a winner every time. It is called arbitrage.

The Key Principle

So, how does this miracle method work? You may have heard of Stefan Klincewicz, the mastermind behind a syndicate that bought every lottery ticket. Today, one may bet on a match twice – using a bookie site and a betting exchange. These offer different odds. 

The idea is to bet on one outcome and then bet against it elsewhere. This practice has existed for decades. However, before odds comparison sites and betting exchanges became available, it was difficult to find such opportunities.

This concept was adopted from the stock exchange. Traders may buy and sell the same asset simultaneously. Their profit is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. The same applies to sports. The back odds must always be higher than the lay odds.

Increasing Popularity 

it is possible to seek out such opportunities through comparison of odds. However, a much quicker and more accurate way is to use special websites with calculators of odds. More and more betters are taking advantage of this opportunity. 

It does not bring them a fortune, though. However, the more wagers are placed – the higher the total. One may expect a few percentage points on each surebet.

Main Challenges

Scammers have learned to exploit arbitrage sites to trick users into sharing sensitive information. Other concerns include: 

  • the existence of unreliable arbitrage sites, 
  • hacking, and 
  • measures taken by bookies against users who exploit it. 

Detection attempts are not always successful, as the practice is spread out across the industry. Finally, one has to act fast to take advantage of opportunities. It is a hectic process, so without the special calculator, it is hard to pull off. If you spot an opportunity involving a bookie you are not registered with, you will spend time creating an account, and the arb will vanish before you can place your wager.

The Future of Surebets

This controversial practice has been looked down on by sports books for decades. Now, when there are so many platforms devoted to comparison of odds, arbitrage is more accessible. Still, the bookmaking industry is making efforts to prohibit these practices, even though they are simply based on mathematical calculations.