Six Factors That Affect Player Prices on the Football Index

Many fans of the beautiful game are making the most out of their love for the sport by creating an account on the Football Index, a betting platform where people can buy “shares” in particular players. Traders, as FI users are called, have all the reason in the world to keep on following their favourite leagues, teams, and players. They have the opportunity to earn money while cultivating one of their passions and making full use of the information that they have accumulated over years of viewership. 

There are particular advantages to being a trader and a football fanatic at the same time. You have to build a portfolio of players before you can trade, after all, and you need working knowledge of these players so you can choose the ones that best suit your trading strategy. To start off on the right foot, it’s a smart idea to accept a Football Index sign up offer, which often comes with bonus funds that can go towards betting on player shares. 

The next thing you need to do is buy shares of the players you want in your portfolio. These players can earn you dividends, or you can buy player shares for a low price today and sell them at a high price in the future. Player shares have different prices, and how much a share is worth depends on a lot of factors. Regardless if you’re an ardent or a casual football fan, you should pay attention to player qualities that can affect the value of your portfolio and payouts. These include: 

Media Magnet

One of the ways to earn dividends is by owning shares in a player that’s frequently mentioned by the media. Football Index obtains articles from trusted media sources and then allocates a specific score depending on how favourable the article is towards the player. These scores are tallied at the end of every single day, and the player with the highest score wins. The traders who own shares on the winning player will then earn their dividends. 

Top Performer

Performance should also be a key factor during the selection process, as the best overall player during a match will win dividends. Football Index has a scoring matrix that is used to determine the performance points of the players. Aside from the best player of the match, the top-scoring defender, midfielder, forward, and goalkeeper will also get dividends. 

Further Potential

If your strategy is to buy low and sell high, it’s important to consider the potential of the players that you will add to your portfolio. If you think you’ve found a Messi-in-the-making, then it’s a great idea to acquire shares on that player while the rest of the world is still clueless about the newcomer’s potential. Once the player makes it big and becomes in-demand on the Index, you can consider selling your shares at a significant profit. 

Transfer Speculation

Media outlets love rumours of possible transfers. A player who is on the verge of getting transferred is likely to be mentioned by publications and news programs. This, in turn, makes the player more likely to get good scores that will increase their media ranking.  

Currently in Form

A team is said to be in good form if they are performing well and if they’ve won their last few games. As long as they’re still in the competition, these teams can keep on raking in performance and media points. This means more dividends for traders who have shares in the team members, as well as increased demand and better prices from interested share buyers. 

Upcoming Fixtures

What’s next for the team or player? In the near future, will they play against a team that they have a good chance of beating? As mentioned before, a team that keeps on playing and winning is more likely to place well on performance and media rankings. On a related note, a player that’s always included in the starting lineup or a member that is rarely injured has more chances of putting on a great performance during a match and being mentioned by news outlets. 

For football fanatics, however, trading in the Football Index is more than just betting. It’s also the perfect opportunity to enhance their enjoyment of the game, as well as socialise with friends who also have opinions about football. This makes their experience on the bleachers a little more tangible and adds value to their intimate knowledge of the sport.