Side Hustles You Can Do While Travelling

Travel is one of the most popular pastimes of many people in the modern world. However, travel is expensive between flights, spending money and accommodation, the expectation that you will be able to work makes the act of travelling a lot harder said than done. 

Side hustles, however, can be a big help in allowing you to travel the world. Side hustles can help you achieve financial goals faster and save up for big trips. But on top of this, there are also many side hustles and forms of employment that can be performed while travelling to provide yourself with an income source that allows you to travel.

In this article, we are going to go over some of these side hustles you can do while travelling to allow you to travel more often.

What is a Side Hustle 

A side hustle refers to any supplementary employment or business venture that individuals undertake in addition to their primary source of income, often as a full-time job. Side hustles are pursued to earn extra money, explore personal interests, or test entrepreneurial ideas. These ventures can take various forms, from freelancing, consulting, and online businesses to part-time jobs or creative pursuits. The flexibility of side hustles allows individuals to pursue their passions, enhance their skills, and generate additional income while maintaining their main source of livelihood.

Au Pair 

As an au pair, you will act as a live-in babysitter and English tutor to a child or multiple children. Some families hire au pairs to accompany them in their homes, while others hire au pairs to join them on long vacations. You will help take care of the kids and possibly help them with their studies – especially when it comes to the English language. 

Au pairing doesn’t pay a lot; however, most au pair roles take place in Spain, France and other European countries. Gigs will usually come with room and board included, which hugely cuts down the cost of travel and allows you to spend more money travelling the city and taking in the sites.

Farm and Pick Crops 

Farming and picking crops is a hands-on approach to seasonal employment. If you have the passion for it, similar to au pairing, you can have your accommodation paid for in return for manual labour. 

As the title suggests, all this role requires is for you to work with a farmer to help pick or gather crops during the more lucrative times of year for farmers. 

Write a Travel Blog 

Blog writing is a popular side hustle, and to be honest, you can write about absolutely anything. However, given the theme of today’s article we believe a good idea would be to create a travel blog. This way, you can combine your hobby and side hustle into one to create a side project that is much more enjoyable. Furthermore, writing about your travels will provide you with a constant stream of quick and easy blog ideas. Not to mention, travel blogs are very popular nowadays.

Once your blog is established, you can make money through affiliate marketing, display ads, subscription services and much more. You could even publish an eBook if the demand for one is high.


Photography is another side hustle, similar to blogging, in that you are not only able to perform away from an office while travelling but also benefit from visiting new places. A photography side hustle is a great way to make money on the go, and finding new, beautiful places to take photographs will help keep the side hustle interesting and grow your portfolio. 

You could potentially shoot for private events, company events, famous monuments, landscapes, and much more with the photography side hustle.

Teach English Abroad 

Tutoring is a popular side hustle as it can be performed on flexible hours and online through tools such as Zoom. Within tutoring, there is a very large market for those willing to teach English to non-native speakers. This is where you come in; you can teach English to natives in whatever country you are visiting. This can be done online or in person; however, the flexibility tutoring provides is one of its best benefits.

Become a Tour Guide

If you are able to become highly knowledgeable about a city or town you are visiting on your travels, you can host tour guides through your favourite places. Using sites such as AirBnB, you can host tour guides, which will provide you with some income and allow you to share your knowledge and meet new people visiting the same city, town or region as you. 


Freelancing serves as an ideal side hustle for individuals who want to travel. The primary benefit lies in its compatibility with a nomadic lifestyle. Freelancers can seamlessly carry out their work from various locations, provided they have an internet connection. This level of location independence is especially appealing to those who want to explore new destinations while maintaining a steady income.

One of the key advantages of freelancing is its flexible schedule. Freelancers often have the autonomy to set their own work hours, enabling them to strike a balance between professional commitments and the desire to immerse themselves in the unique experiences offered by each travel destination. This adaptability contributes to a lifestyle where work seamlessly integrates with exploration.

The diverse array of freelancing opportunities is another compelling factor. From writing and graphic design to programming and marketing, freelancing accommodates various skills and interests. This versatility allows individuals to leverage their existing expertise or acquire new skills that align with personal passions and market demands.