Playing And Winning In Bingo In 2022


May the odds be ever in your favour. If you’ve ever played bingo before, looking for the top 10 offers or to play it for profit, you probably relate very much to this famous pop culture phrase. Though bingo is a game of luck, there are strategic ways to approach bingo that will give you an edge over other players involved. 

This article aims to help you find these methods that can help you improve your winning chances in the game of online bingo. The aim is to eventually help you understand how to leverage other factors like welcome bonuses and promotional free spins to cash out regularly.

Online versus Real Bingo 

Let’s get this out of the way. This online bingo gig isn’t your grandma’s game. 

The key difference most players cite between real and online bingo is the speed of the game. With the internet and all these different code instances firing at once, your normal game of bingo is hardly recognisable in the online version. 

That is, on certain sites at least. Depending on the developer and their vision of the play experience, the online bingo can look much more like a video game that will churn out stable and reliable profits for you if you know how to leverage your bankroll well.

Another factor in online bingo is leverage and wagering. We won’t go too much into it in this article, but do know that this is one of the ways not to increase your winning chances, but to speed up or scale up your winnings. We advise you to always game with caution.

Winning Strategies

Play your cards. 

By that, I’m not misquoting the common advice “play your cards right”. I’m saying to play your cards, with the emphasis on cards; plural. That’s right. With regular bingo, you can most probably only concentrate on one to two cards, and maybe occasionally help spot a friend’s card. On the internet, as with everything else, it is completely different.

Generally speaking, with rooms on the internet, you can easily buy more than 200 dollars for a game. Most of the skill from regular real-life bingo comes from being attentive and hearing the calls correctly. 

With online bingo, most sites will allow you to select an “auto-mode”, where the called number is automatically checked and ticked off. This means that not only will you avoid “sleep on your bingo”, meaning you announce a non-fully qualified win, but this also means that you can play multiple cards at once. 

When you play more cards at once, you are managing risk and variance. By playing more than one card at once, you manage how each called number is going to impact your card state. Think about it. If you just have one card, many numbers will be whiffs. 

If you have multiple cards, however, you’ll make sure that a larger percentage of numbers called will be ticked off, which allows you to accelerate your game. Most people with multiple cards call out at least one bingo much faster, and in rooms where there are a limited number of bingos, speed is of the essence. 

How to choose your rooms.

The advanced strategy is finding out how many cards an average player will have. In general, to receive a payout you should be looking to find rooms that payout in an evenly distributed way for those who exceed the average. 

This is because of the strategy that we’re going to layout for you. 

Choose your (number of) cards, carefully,

After you have chosen your rooms, you should look at how many players the room will sit with and how many cards are given out. Let’s say the room seats 200 participants and there are a total of 500 cards. The average player will be playing either two or three cards. To beat the average, you will have to at least buy in with three cards and to be safe, you should buy in with four. 

In this case, because you have more cards than half of the individuals, you should win, and win faster. Now, you might be saying, what if some high roller comes in with member privileges and buys like twenty cards?

Well, first of all, most of these rooms are moderated to cap the number of cards per person to make sure they can fully seat their rooms. 

Next, it’s actually not so wise for these members to overbuy their entrance, since the payout is still going to be the same for them.

Lastly, for anyone with a basic understanding of a median, you should know that outliers like these barely change how the average works in this case. 

Think small

Now, with online bingo, just like in real casinos, they work on a fixed prize money principle. If the prize money is fixed then it is divided among everyone who qualifies as winning. Now, this alone is a good enough reason to pick small rooms, but that’s not quite as simple.

Think about it this way. A room with a massive prize pool barely has to do any promotion to max out instantly. This is why you’ll see these rooms filling up just one to two minutes after the opening time. How you will find a small room is, for starters, with small, understated prize pools.

However, things are rarely this simple. You should already expect that professionals will know such tricks and tactics, and already be gunning for smaller rooms. This means to really play in the outfield, you should look to play not just small prize pools, but other factors as well.

Try to do your research on who your target site mainly services and then target odd hours in the day, making sure to never play on weekends. This is how you can maximise your earnings. If you have a job with flexible enough hours, you will gain an edge in how much you can earn off of this online game.


We’ve covered many strategies to win, but know that the game of bingo is at the end of the day, a game of chance. You have to be willing to play as if it were a game and not a job, and please manage your bankroll responsibly, making sure not to take away money from things that you need in your life. With that said, happy rolling and may you win big.