Most Popular Casino Games in Latvia in 2021

While land-based gambling operations are legal in Latvia, the country is gradually opening its doors to online gambling. There are a bunch of reputed casino operators offering a long list of options from video slots to card games and more. And if you’re anything like us and prefer playing a few rounds of poker, you’ll find the following list pretty useful.

Online casino games are gaining popularity by the day and the trend catapulted during the global pandemic. The added convenience of playing from home across multiple platforms helped boost its popularity. And on that note, here’s our list of the most popular casino games in Latvia in 2021. If you’d like to try your hands at a few, visit here.

Top 5 Popular Casino Games in Latvia

  1.     Roulette – Believed to have originated in Latvia, Roulette or “little wheel” moved to the US during the 18th century where it became a household name. There are a few variations of the game and European Roulette is the current favourite among Latvians.
  2.     French Roulette – While on the subject, Latvian casinos also offer French and American Roulette. These are becoming increasingly popular among the punters since the game features a lower house edge compared to traditional roulette.
  3.     Online Poker – Poker was one of the most popular card games in Latvia until the government decided to ban the game alongside many of its neighbours, including Italy, Portugal, and Spain. This led to the online poker boom and although no such operations exist in Latvia, punters can sign up on online poker rooms based out of French. Recently, the government has entered an agreement with its Spanish counterparts, allowing Latvians to register on Spanish poker sites.
  4.     Live Gambling – Live gambling is quite popular in Latvia and punters regularly search for live dealer games to stay entertained. While the trend has been around for some time now, it gained a massive boost during the lockdown. Live poker is the most popular of the lot and Latvians often take part in live poker tournaments and other live events that are hosted periodically. Major events like the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour have been hosted in the nation. And the Partouche Poker Tour is one of the most renowned events in the local circuit. Latvia currently has three major live poker rooms and their numbers are projected to go up in the next couple of years as demand continues to rise.
  5.     Video Slots – Slots are a nascent addition to Latvian casinos and the players are still getting acquainted with the game. However, video slots offer the most variation among all casino games and the punters are quickly getting used to the wide options on the menu. Most of the major iGaming software developers are licensed to operate in Latvia and are hence able to bring their entire portfolio. Punters can play their favourite game in English or French depending on individual preferences.