Interesting Football-Themed Slots

The majority of football fans also enjoy the benefits of online casinos. It is also natural that they want to try something associated with their sport. That is why many game providers promote slot machines themed after football or soccer. They have an insane level of popularity and always attract huge audiences. Some game developers even collaborate with football teams to make their slot machines official merch for themselves; Since many companies spend more money on these machines than usual, they spend their time developing mathematical models and bonuses. These particular slot machines usually end up being hits, not only because of their themes. So today, we have created a small selection of the best slot machines inspired by football.

Choosing a Licensed Casino

The first step you should take, no matter what game you are choosing, is finding a trustworthy and licensed casino. This is crucial since mathematical models can be easily changed. A licensed casino will never change its math behind slot machines. All users trust the safe online casino Canada and our selection. You can be sure you will get your money with secure online casinos. Besides, they have better bonuses and a much better support department. Overall, the list of advantages is endless, but we’re not here to discuss them.

Why Try Slot Machines

If you are a football fan and you’re wondering why you should try a slot machine, we have several reasons. First and foremost, slot machines are the easiest gambling games out there. To complete the basics, you don’t have to be a professional or mathematician. The math behind them is pretty simple and depends mostly on statistics and combinatorics. In other words, the only thing that matters is your luck. Moreover, you can find a perfect machine that will be ideal for your budget. In this case, we recommend high-volatility slot machines if you have a higher budget and low to medium volatility if you only want to try several games. Overall, it is an ideal option if you want to combine several of your passions and don’t want to try sports betting.

Hot Shots

Let’s start our list with Hot Shots. This must be one of our favorite slot machines on the list. It has medium to high volatility, which is much better for professionals with higher budgets. However, an average RTP is usually around 97.12%. It is higher than you usually get from other machines in this industry. It also has 243 paylines and several bonus features. Another grade element of this game is also aesthetics and the overall look. You will enjoy colorful design and graphics.

Top Strike Championship

This game might be old, but it still works. An average RTP is 94.99%. However, what we enjoy are the bonus features and traditional free spins. It might not be the most colorful answer or the best game on our list, but many players still like it for nostalgia.

Football Mania Deluxe

This game is a classic. It doesn’t have many advanced features, but it is perfect because it is traditional. Such games usually pay much more than fancy new slot machines. In this case, you are getting a bonus game if you see three lottery tickets that land on your second reel. The percentage will mostly depend on your specific platform, but it is usually around 96%. Overall, it is a classic with a bonus feature and a nice game balance.

Super Striker

The last game on our list is yet another classic. It has an average RTP of 96.04%. To be fair, it is one of the best ones on our list. As for the bonuses, you are getting a traditional free spin around. However, here you are getting five different levels as well as multipliers. This will increase your wins. That’s why we love this game so much since it pays big.

Gambling Online: Other Games to Consider

If you are a football fan, you can try many other games. For example, we recommend starting with blackjack because it is also one of the easiest games. Besides, blackjack also has the highest win rate among players. Some online games also have football as their main inspiration. You’ll be able to find online blackjack inspired by football, just like you did with slot machines. Finally, a good portion of football players enjoy poker. Poker might be an option if you want to feel a little closer to a certain celebrity. However, in this case, you will have to learn at least basic rules and strategies to win.

Bottom Line

If you are a football fan, we see several proper options for enjoying slot machines or even blackjack. It will help you combine both of your passions and enjoy some form of football, even when the season is over. We would personally recommend you find a perfect game with high RTP and medium volatility. It is a good start for professionals and beginners alike. Finally, if you decide to gamble, don’t forget to always be responsible with your budget and money.