The Inspiring Story Of The Blues – Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea was founded in 1905 who had earlier bought Stamford Bridge. The founder is known as Gus Meras. Meras has the intention of turning Stamford Bridge into a football ground. He originally wanted to rent it to a cub that existed but changed his mind when the Fulham’s deal was halted. The idea of starting a club got him, and that is how he came up with Chelsea FC.

The biggest team in London

Since its establishment, Chelsea overgrew due to the local support. There was huge attendance, which made the club rich hence, players were being paid well. It became the most vibrant club in the country. In the first five years, the team stayed in division one and two. Today, the club is always perceived as being unstoppable. It has won seven FA cups, five league titles, and five league cups. They have also managed to win major UEFA trophies which include: Europa, champion’s league and cup winner’s cup. The team’s success has made several people gamble in its favor at various agen poker sites.

First league title

The first league title won by Chelsea was in 1955. This is after the team had always finished at the bottom half of the league in the years that had passed. They then won their first league cup in 1965 followed by the FA Cup which was won in 1970 and the cup winner’s cup which was won in 1971. From this point, it took the club time before making another trophy. This was due to the financial difficulties that the club started facing. The challenges came as a result of the development of the Stamford Bridge. The club’s fans also demonstrated to some hooliganism which contributed to the difficulties. The officials of the club at some point were fighting bankruptcy, and this made the club’s field result not to be made a priority. The club was then sold in 1982 to new management.

Return to light

Chelsea club returned to spotlight in 1997 under the management of Ruud Gullit. However, the club did not manage to go to the premier league in the time. The club got back to being one of the clubs that excited people in English football. During this period, they also managed to win some trophies. In 2003, the club was sold to a Russian billionaire, and this marked the change of everything. The club was financially stable, and it managed to win the premier league back-to-back titles. The club has continued to dominate the English football henceforth. Agen poker sites where fans show their love for Chelsea.


Chelsea football club has millions of people celebrating it as their favorite football¬†teams. The determination set by the founder has made sure that the organization becomes successful. The changing of engagement of the team has also played a crucial role in ensuring that the football club in under proper management. For any football club to bear fruits, their control must be determined to ensuring that the team’s mission and vision are achieved. Therefore all the celebrated football teams in the world have a story behind their success.