Ignore Sam, he’s just bitter

Hi and welcome to my new West London Sport blog.

Here I’ll give an insight into life being a goalkeeper for Brentford – the ‘Barcelona of the lower leagues’ as our fans chant.

That technically makes me the Victor Valdes of the lower leagues – a point I hope my agent made while my contract was being renewed last year.

This blog will hopefully also provide the odd laugh or two and I’ll also be looking to get as many plugs for my book past the editor as possible.

A bitter man.

He’ll probably take this bit out, but just in case he doesn’t, my rather excellent book is called Graduation: Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer.

Later this week I’ll be talking about superstition but before that, I need to set the record straight about something.

Elsewhere on this site there’s a feature about Brentford FC advertising on the back of local buses.

Sam Saunders was chosen as the face of this advertising campaign and claimed I was upset because I felt I should have been selected.

Not true of course – and I’m afraid to say a case of sour grapes from my team-mate.

It all goes back to a ‘hottie of the year’ award handed out at our club’s end-of-season do. The award is just a bit of fun, but some rather sadly treat it a bit more seriously than they’d like to admit.

This year the nominees were Sam and myself, as well as Sam Wood and, incredibly, Leon Legge – who I assume paid to be on the list of contenders.

The award went to me, which was amusing – not least because Mr Saunders thought he was nailed on to win it.

He was so upset, I don’t think the club then had the heart to choose anyone else for the bus campaign. Poor lad.

Finally, thanks for all the messages I received on Twitter about the slight injury that kept me out of Saturday’s game against Walsall.

I’ve had a minor strain which is fine now, and I’ll be fit and available this weekend.




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