How to write an essay about the importance of sports in people’s lives

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Many people have many problems with putting their thoughts in writing. One of the creative assignments for all students is to write essays on various topics. Writing develops children’s imagination and teaches them to articulate their thoughts. It is difficult if you are doing it for the first time. But as you gain experience, it becomes much easier. Many students enjoy these kinds of assignments. Especially kids who like to fantasize. For others, this is their least favorite assignment and it is easier for them to solve several physics tasks than to write one essay. One of the most popular topics is an essay about sports in students’ life. Before writing, read the basic principles.

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To write an essay nicely and succinctly, you need to follow some rules:

  • The essay should contain an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.
  • The beginning and the end should not occupy more than one-third of the entire work;
  • it is necessary to write strictly according to the plan made in advance in a draft;
  • the essay should reveal the main problem;
  • it should not be a retelling;
  • Bring comparisons of famous works and lives;
  • Divide the text into paragraphs for better perception.

With these recommendations, it will be very easy to learn how to write an essay correct and good looking paper.

Stages of writing

To write an essay on sports, do not take a draft and think well about a plan. When writing, deviating from it is impossible. This is how you create a plan:

  • turn the topic of the essay into a question;
  • make up the bulk of the work, respond to it;
  • break down the main point into several subparagraphs that move in quick succession, smoothly approaching the answer to the essay question;
  • when answering questions, prove your point. This is the importance of writing such works.

Introduction and conclusion are the most difficult steps of work. Now we will give some examples of introduction when you write an essay on sports. Let’s list the varieties first:

  • historical fact;
  • analytical introduction;
  • biographical;
  • comparative;
  • lyrical.


When writing an essay on a sport, you can begin as follows:

  1. Now the pace of life has become such that there is simply no time to play sports. Work from early morning until late evening, eternal traffic jams and long queues in stores. When do I devote time to sports? Nevertheless, I believe that sports are an integral part of our lives …
  2. What is a healthy lifestyle? Above all, it is health and well-being. To keep in good shape, you need to eat right, stick to your daily routine, and, of course, exercise …
  3. Writing about your favorite sport can begin as follows: “I love ball games, I prefer soccer more than anything else. This is an exciting game of chance that came to us from England, but even the ancient Egyptians and Indians had this kind of indulgence with balls … “
  4. As we can see, in the last example we used a historical introduction. If you feel that it is not ready yet, collect the necessary references, dates, facts, and interesting stories and add them.

Main body

Equally easy to write the main body. It is very important that you do not go deep into your thoughts, but strictly stick to the plan. Writing about sports should be related to athletes and a healthy lifestyle, there should be nothing stranger. Create paragraphs, each of which should end with a mini-conclusion and a small intro. Support your point with quotes from famous people or examples from the works.


Writing about the sport must be completed accordingly. If you wrote about the famous sportsman, the ending about the surrounding nature will not work. Pay close attention to your thoughts. The conclusion is a summary, you have proved your point. The ending should not be steep and unfinished. The transition from the main body to the conclusion should be smooth and not obvious.

For example, “If you want to live up to a hundred years and experience pleasant fatigue while jogging in the evening and no headache while watching TV, I recommend you to exercise.”

Or: “It is not necessary to be a professional athlete. The main thing is that you like it. Playing sports not only makes us stronger and more confident but also gives us the opportunity to meet very interesting people.”

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Writing an essay is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. We have tried to tell you the basic tips. Try to write down everything that comes into your head first. At first, there will be a blank page, but then you will manage to write a lot. Then reread everything you have written and correct it. We are sure that you will have a great essay. We wish you high grades and wonderful student life.