How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Survive Major Breakthroughs in Sports

Do you want to know how you can mentally train yourself and use sports psychology to reach your fitness, health, and sports goal easily? If the answer is yes, here are some of the mindset tips on how you can build confidence. This post aims to motivate and get you through the significant milestones in your fitness and training.

Create Positive Mental Images

Think about positive ideas during your workout. This way, you can create feelings of power and speed like how you do when you play starburst. For example, if you’re running or walking on the hill, visualize yourself as a magnet that pulls you up to the top. With visualization before, during, and after your workout, you will be able to motivate yourself and build self-esteem.

Use Powerful Words

Make it a habit to create powerful positive statements continually. It’s common to think negatively since we always have a critic inside of us. However, be aware of these thoughts as early as possible. You don’t have to fight them, but you just have to acknowledge their presence and substitute it with powerful words. For example, when you’re feeling down, you can say to yourself how you’re getting healthier and stronger as the days pass by.

Live the Present Moment

Practice to live every moment, and enjoy every bit of it. Remind yourself to be in the present. Instead of repeating the mistakes you made in the past or worrying about what will happen in the future, just forgive, forget your past, and focus on the present. Be right here and enjoy the moment.


Utilize everything in your workout to take advantage of getting healthy. For example, if another person passes his positive energy to you, go along with his energy as much as possible. This can also help you with your fitness.

Chunk your Goals

Focus on your targets now. Break your training goals into small and manageable chunks. Focus on the first portion of your plan and not the entire workout itself. You can talk to yourself and say things like “I am just getting to the rhythm on the first part of my workout session.”

Body Scan

Pay close attention to the training form and tension level of your body. While you’re working out, you can do a body scan and relax your tense muscles frequently. Check if your neck, shoulders, and other body parts are relaxed.

Think of Pain as an Effort

If you feel the pain that is not necessarily damaging your body, just shift the attention to your breathing. Let the discomfort fade little by little in the background. You can also consider the pain as a process that’s helping you to carve your ideal body. Next, you have to look at what you need to do right now, such as breathing, pace, and concentration.


Don’t be distracted and just focus on your sports like when you play the starbursts. Release the unwanted thoughts in your mind and refocus your attention on what is essential at the moment. Enjoy and celebrate the good things about your fitness and strength. When you workout, just relax and let your body do its job.