Lukaku deal contributes to Chelsea spending £28m on agents’ fees

Chelsea spent almost £30m on agent fees over the past year, according to new Football Association data.

The £28,227,858 Chelsea spent on agent and intermediary fees between 2 February 2021 and 31 January 2022 was the third most of all Premier League clubs.

That includes the fees spent as part of the big-money signing of Romelu Lukaku last summer.

Manchester City ranked first with a spend of £35,046,646, while Manchester United spent just more than Chelsea, at £29,036,141.

Brentford, meanwhile, spent the fewest out of all the current Premier League clubs at £3,499,285.

Among the Championship clubs, Fulham spent by far the most over that time at £10,160,399. The club secured the signing of Harry Wilson for £12m last summer.

Rivals QPR paid out £925,162 on agent and intermediary fees during those 12 months, which ranks 16th out of all the clubs in the Championship.