Here Are Some Important Facts About Cricket betting You Should Know

Cricket is a popular sport that unfortunately is not played much in many countries. This is a shame because cricket is a fun sport to watch and an even more fun sport for sports betting! Would you like to learn more about cricket and online gambling on it? Then read on quickly. 

The cricket game briefly explained

When you first see cricket, you are probably a little confused. That is not surprising, because it is quite a complicated sport. Fortunately, we will teach you all the basics so that you can enjoy this beautiful sport. The game is played on an oval playing field made of grass. A field is often 150 meters in diameter. In the center of the circle is the pitch. This is a rectangle of short-cut grass. This little patch of grass is the center of all the action.

A cricket match is played with two teams. These usually have one at-bat each. The intention is to score as many runs as possible in this at-bat, by running back and forth. One team throws the ball towards the batter (‘batsman’), while the other team has to knock the ball away and then run to score points. Usually, an at-bat is over when ten of the eleven batsmen are out. Then the two teams change places and it starts again. The team with the highest score wins the match! This probably all sounds a bit confusing, but once you see a match, you get it quickly!

How long does a match actually last?

You never know in advance how long a cricket match will last. A cricket match does not have a fixed end time like a football match. It depends on the game type and the course of the game. Some competitions can last for days, while others are ready after a day. Therefore, it is important to know how long the cricket match lasts; otherwise you may be surprised!

The coin toss: an important element of the game

What many first-time viewers tend to overlook is the importance of the coin toss. This is the coin flow at the start of the match. This determines who should bowl (throw the ball) or bat (hit the ball) first. The coin toss is so important because the entire course of the game depends on the coin toss. So this is an important detail that you should keep an eye on when cricket betting. A small decision (heads or tails) can therefore have a major impact on the game.

Cricket betting explained

Cricket betting is not as difficult as many people think. You don’t have to know all the rules exactly to enjoy the game. There are many online casino sites that offer live bets. This way, you can simply predict who will be the winner of a match during tournaments that are too big. There is nothing difficult about this! Of course, you can also predict who will be the champion of the tournament. Do you feel good about the coin toss? Then you also can bet on the result of the toss.

Of course, there are also some complex live bets, which may appeal to advanced players a bit more. This way, you can bet on who will be the best bowler or batsman. You can also predict the number of runs your favorite player will make. You can even predict the man of the match. As you can see, there is a nice sports betting option for everyone.

Unibet: The best place among online bookmakers to start cricket betting

After reading all these positive cricket stories, you may be wondering where to find online bookmakers for cricket betting. Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further, because we have already found the best site for you. Unibet in our opinion, is one of the best places for cricket betting. This is not only due to the good range of live bets or the good reputation that Unibet has.

Read on to learn more about the major matches and cricket betting tips below.

The most important cricket tournament: the world championship

For many years there were many international matches in the world of cricket. Many countries played against each other and sometimes there was a small international tournament. Unfortunately, these never really took off and there was no real classic. That changed in 1975 when the world championship was first organized. This was a great success and is now played every four years. The big favorite is always Australia, with four wins already. Countries such as India and Pakistan are also doing well. It is striking that England, actually the country where cricket started, has never won the world cup.

As you can probably imagine, there is a lot of focus on cricket during the World Cup. This makes the tournament the ideal time for cricket betting. Would you like to cricket betting? Then put 2015 on your agenda. Then the next cricket world cup.

An age-old clash between titans:  The Ashes

Since 1882, a series of international cricket matches have been played every 18 and 30 months that the whole world looks forward to. The rivalry is enormous and the tension can be cut. After more than 130 years, the position is even almost the same. Who will play this great match then? Those are the national cricket teams of England and Australia. They play five games of two innings per country to find a winner. This country wins a nice cup and the honor for a while. Because during the next The Ashes, the countries compete against each other again. As a gambler on cricket, this is therefore an important event. There are a lot of great bets during the Ashes so make sure you’re well informed!

Our tips for well-prepared cricket betting

After reading about all the great matches and tournaments that cricket offers, you are probably curious about our tips. Of course, we do not guarantee you a profit with these tips, but they are points to take into account. With this information, you may have an advantage over others and you can build a good lead!

The influence of the weather

Like many sports, cricket is played outdoors. It is a sport that is only played in the summer so that the chance of rain is less. Humidity is disastrous for the game. This makes the ball bounce differently and is a risk for all players on the field. When it rains, matches can even be canceled or canceled. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the weather reports.

You should also not underestimate the influence of sunlight. Some stadiums do not yet have stadium lights and matches are stopped there if the visibility is not good enough. Also, the sun can help some batsmen see the red ball better. So is the sun shining? Then a player who can do this has a better chance of winning!

Every field in cricket is different

What some people also overlook is that every field where cricket is played is different. There is no international standard for the size of the field. This ensures that, for example, the ball rolls very differently. If players are prepared for this, they have a big advantage. As a result, the game may depend on the place where it is played. Therefore, it is important to know what the unique characteristics of a stadium are so that you can take advantage of this with a nice bet!

Spirit of the Game: Sportsmanship is important in cricket

What is sometimes overlooked in many sports is sportsmanship. Traditionally, this is especially important in cricket. Sportsmanship has played a major role in the game since the 19th century. All players are expected to behave like gentlemen and not cheat. They are expected to adhere to the unwritten rules. This is known as ‘the Spirit of the Game’ and means that the game should remain fun. Unfortunately, the influence of the Spirit of the game is slowly crumbling. Due to the increased level of cricket, the focus on winning is increasing. This does not alter the fact that many athletes can still follow cricket players as an example!

A brief history of cricket: from ancient England to the far reaches of the world

There is a lot of speculation about the first game of cricket played. Some people believe it was played by the English Prince Edward as far back as the 14th century. However, there is no hard evidence for this and it remains unclear when the first game of cricket was played. It is known that cricket became a popular sport in the south-east of England in the 17th century. The first professional games were also played around this time. In the 18th century, the sport became extremely popular and went through major changes.

In the 19th century, cricket spread all over the world through the old English Empire. Suddenly it was played in India, North America, Australia and New Zealand. In 1844 the first international competition was a fact! It was played between the United States and Canada. Throughout the 20th century, cricket grew into the popular sport it is today. Also, a great means of entertainment for millions of people around the world!