Has Chelsea become a middling team?

Blues fans expect their beloved Chelsea FC to be up at the top of the table, fighting for the qualifier spots for the Champions League and bringing home silverware but we’re this far into the season and they’re over halfway down the table at a mediocre 11th spot.

Chelsea are clear from relegation, they’re also well clear of the top spots too. While they’ve won the Premier League five times, including back-to-back titles in 2005/2006 and their most recent title in 2017 during Antonio Conte’s tenure, their performance this season has taken a dip that could potentially become a nose dive if something doesn’t change.

Chelsea have lost two, won two, and drawn one in their last five games a perfect example of this season’s inconsistency, particularly when compared with their London counterparts, Arsenal, who have won an incredible five out of five of their last games and are genuine title contenders sitting just off the top of the league.

The two teams have been long-term rivals due to their geographical proximity, with Arsenal being a North London team and Chelsea being in the West. Their upcoming match (Saturday 16th March) is greatly anticipated and both teams will look to take home the bragging rights from this London derby. The Blues will certainly be nervous but raring to go.

Teams who are keeping Chelsea company in mid-table include Fulham, another West London team, and Newcastle United who are only a few points ahead of them.  Every point counts at this level – just one point can mean missing out on the Champions League or the Europa League denying your fans the joys of European football for the following seasons.

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Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino is a relatively new addition to the Chelsea family, having joined as their new manager at the start of July last year so this is his first season leading the team.

Pochettino had a successful playing career, and he established himself as a Premier League manager with Southampton before moving on to Tottenham with whom he spent five years, leading them to come second in the Premier League and the final of the Champions League. It’s a mystery as to why he’s struggling so much with Chelsea.  This shift in the team’s dynamic has affected their performances and Pochettino has been unable to guide the Blues to the results they’re used to.

You can even place a bet on him becoming the next Premier League manager to leave this season. The odds change with each match but have reached highs of 25/1 and lows of 2/1 so it seems to be anyone’s guess as to whether he will become the newest departure from Premier League football.

After their disappointing defeat against Liverpool, Pochettino will be hoping for a swift success away from home against Arsenal but it won’t be so easy. Their draw with Manchester City was a relief, after all, they have lost four of their last five games against them and drew the last – they’re happy to have held onto the point.

This has been a difficult season for the manager but it isn’t over yet. By the end of the season, Pochettino will have hopefully found his footing at the club and the Blues will come back better and stronger next season, motivated by the lapse in their form.

January arrivals

Dujuan Richards moved to Chelsea from the Phoenix Allstars Football Academy after only just turning 18 in November 2023, mere months before joining the Chelsea team.

Chelsea has multiple players on loan including but not limited to Armando Broja who is now with Fulham and he also plays for the Albania national team. David Fofana has been loaned out to Burnley to continue his career in the Premier League. 

Chelsea have received a few players back from loan including Cesare Casadei who was loaned to Leicester City and returned with his appearance against Liverpool. Diego Moreira has returned from Lyon and made his Chelsea debut at their victory in the Carabao Cup.

These returning players and young star, Dujuan Richards, will help Chelsea climb up the table to reach a position the Blues will be proud of.

Chelsea requires energy and revitalisation, the new players could help with this but Pochettino needs to step up and if the team isn’t playing coherently then switch up the tactics and shift the team around – some sort of change is needed and it needs to be found soon or else the odds will catch up to him and he will be the next Premier League manager to depart…