Get ready for Premier League 2022/23

In the world of sport, football is among the most appreciated. And despite the Premier League being an English league, its popularity stretches far beyond England. In fact, the Premier League is one of the most popular leagues in the world, as English teams have become favorites for many football fans across the world and especially in Europe. The provisional fixtures for the upcoming season have just been released, and this offers great potential to start planning the season. So, if you are not already on it, checking the lists and initiating the plans for this season should be on your weekend to-do list.  

There are lots of different ways to enjoy the Premier League. Arranging football nights with your friends, betting on the games or buying tickets to see some of them at the arena to get the full experience of your favorite teams, are all amazing ways to take part in the upcoming league. And if betting on the games, or just trying to predict the games for fun with your friends is something you enjoy, you can head to TPP to get tips, odds and insights on the upcoming games. 

Premier League teams 

Anyone who watches the Premier League will know that the teams playing are a combination of teams that have qualified from last season and teams that have been promoted through the Championship. There is a total of 17 teams that have qualified from last season, leaving only three spots open for new teams to qualify. Lots of teams slide off the list occasionally and working their way back in can be hard, but it’s not impossible – despite there being only three spots this season. 

A team that has managed to make its way back onto the list this season is Nottingham Forest. With 23 years between their last participation and this year’s season, they stand with the longest gap between participating seasons – making their comeback particularly exciting to a lot of people. 

Among other teams, they will be replacing Burnley, who have been relegated after a six-year topflight spell and are now out of the league. Bad for them, good for Nottingham Forest and their fans. The top teams have remained the same for years, so there is no surprise that the 17 teams in the top still stand strong when it comes to the predictions for the upcoming season.