Fulham: The Most Wanted Man

The transfer window is open; premier league sides are in a bit of scouting the best-talented player. These players have shown a great promise, and one team that is having it rough is Fulham FC. It has potential players who are most wanted. Narrowing down to one isn’t, easy. However, in the list below you’ll find one of the most wanted men who you’ve ever placed a bet on sites such as togel online

Ryan Sessegnon

Ryan is a versatile player who can play as a left-back, left-wing back, full left-sided forward or striker. This is all that managers seek to have in their teams. He has excellent balance, footwork as well as speed and ability to maneuver past defenders with or without a ball. There are very few wide men who can become second strikers with ease like Sessegnon, which is impressive. He is worth a gamble and is one of the most wanted players. Speculations have it that 50 million euros are required to pry him away from Fulham’s clutches. Teams like Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Spurs have shown an interest in the player.

Jean Michel Seri

This dynamic midfielder is a target by Barcelona. Jose Mourinho has also shown interest in this star player, as he wants to add him to his team at Manchester United. Liverpool had viewed Jean Michel as an exciting alternative for Naby Keita before they struck a deal with RB Leipzig. Jean has shown struggles in Fulham as is likely to be sold this summer. He may soon move to one of the big English premier league football clubs.

Alfie Mawson

A former Swansea city player and now a craven cottage treasured player, he is worth 20 million euros. There are speculations that Spurs has an eye on the 25-year-old star player. West Ham United have a bid on Mawson. These two teams are routing to have the player on their team

Aleksander Mitrovic

Another young player who the premier league teams have an eye on is Aleksander. There have been reports that the cost 22 million euros last summer and looking at his impressive game for Fulham this year, the price might double. He has scored six headers this season and the most in the premier league. He is an ideal player for the Cottagers as he looks to get the ball into the areas as his goals are the difference between mid-table finish a push and a Europa League place. Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City manager, has shown interest in this star player and if given an opportunity, he might be calling for the former Newcastle United’s player. Fulham will have to work hard to keep a hold of this powerful Serbian


Fulham FC is on toes to maintain their star players as they proceed to the next season. Supporting them is going to take extra effort. Punters have placed their bets on the Fulham’s most wanted man on various betting sites such as togel online. It’s only a matter of time to see if the odds will favor them and walk away with cash.