Four NFL Head Coaches On The Hot Seat

Head coaching changes happen every year in the NFL. Some take place by the time the season ends and some happen early on when teams are playing up to expectations. Guys like Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers might be lucky to still have their job (after last season), so it’s no surprise he’ll be among the head coaches starting the season on the hot seat. But which coach will get canned first? Bovada sportsbook has posted odds on who’ll be first, so let’s take a look.

Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers

Odds To Be First Head Coach Fired: +700

The Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley could be one of the first to go if his team isn’t competitive. The Chargers have had a roster that appears to be primed for a Super Bowl run in the past few years, yet injuries and late season collapses have turned them away. After choking a 27-0 lead in the Wild Card round against the Jacksonville Jaguars last year, many believed Staley would be gone. However, he’s returning in 2023 with yet another great cast and a new play caller in Kellen Moore. Missing expectations could spell disaster for Staley.

Todd Bowles

Odds To Be First Head Coach Fired: +600

While it might not all be his fault, Todd Bowles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be ready to part ways in 2023. The 2022 Buccaneers didn’t do well with Tom Brady, and Bowles was one of the biggest takers of the blame. With the Buccaneers rolling out Baker Mayfield this season and a team that might not win many games, Bowles might be the easy scapegoat. Tampa could prefer to pair a new quarterback with a new offensive-minded head coach in 2024 and beyond as well.

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys

Odds To Be First Head Coach Fired: +1000

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t exactly a team that has an abundance of patience under owner Jerry Jones. This team hasn’t won a meaningful playoff game in a long time, and the clock is ticking to get the job done. They have a great defense and a plethora of weapons offensively. Jones and the Cowboys seemed to have given McCarthy a pass in the offseason, instead of parting ways with Kellen Moore as the play caller. However, another down year without a playoff win could see McCarthy on his way out. Not to mention that he’ll be the one calling plays in 2023.

Ron Rivera, Washington Commanders

Odds To Be First Head Coach Fired: +700

Ron Rivera hasn’t consistently had winning seasons as an NFL head coach, but that doesn’t take away from the respect that his players have for him. Rivera is a beloved coach who’s overcome a lot to get to this point in his career, yet he doesn’t have unlimited time with the Washington Commanders. Washington just finally changed their ownership and got a new starting quarterback. Rivera will be tasked with keeping faith alive for the Commanders faithful, but the leash won’t be that long. Washington could look to move on from the respected coach and shake things up a bit in 2024 if they aren’t able to put together something to be positive about. That won’t be easy in one of the hardest divisions in football.