Famous British Footballers Who Are Often Seen in Casinos

Great Britain has a big population of gambling enthusiasts, and British football players are no exception to playing poker. With many players having contracts worth hundreds of thousands of pounds per week, it’s no surprise to see how lavish their lifestyles are and how much they can spend. 

So, if you’re interested to see which football players love to gamble every now and then, this is the article for you. 

Andy Carroll 

Andy Carroll is an ex-Newcastle United player and was one of the most expensive strikers in the Premier League. Although the target man didn’t live up to his potential, he did have quite an interesting career. As reports have it, the England representative has a fairly public admiration for gambling. Moreover, he enjoys reading gambling content such as Villento Casino Review as it helps him pick the best operator. One time, while the Newcastle man was out drinking and playing games, he fell out of his chair and got injured. Two days before his gambling session, the Geordie got injured against Spurs and was in doubt for the next match.

However, the pony-tailed ace managed to pass the fitness test and was cleared to play against Liverpool. However, as fate would have it, he fell off a stool and injured his thigh. Carroll would go on to miss the next three games due to his injury, but he undoubtedly had fun recovering.

Wayne Rooney 

Wayne Rooney is a household name in English football and he is known for his love of casinos. The current DC United manager first began his professional football career with Everton way back in 2002 and signed for Manchester United for a £27 million fee in 2004. Rooney would go on to spend 13 years with the Red Devils and in that time, he was one of the highest-paid footballers in the world. Reportedly, the ex-English international once spent as much as £500,000 in 2 hours at a casino. 

The veteran was playing roulette in a Manchester venue and having a couple of drinks. However, a patch of bad luck would see Wayne lose thousands of pounds within minutes. The Scouser is a fan of big bets, and it’s no wonder considering his paycheck. Without a doubt, Wazza would have a great time playing online roulette at Grand Mondial Casino, if it weren’t for his coaching job. One of the witnesses who saw Wayne at a venue claimed that Rooney only placed bets on the red numbers, so no surprise there.

Jamie Vardy 

Football fans won’t be surprised to see Jamie’s name on this list as he’s known for being a fan of casinos. Aside from scoring goals, the Leicester City striker is also known for his party life. One time, while celebrating a victory against Manchester City, the Leicester star decided to play some casino games. His team had just won the FA Cup and the entire squad was out having fun. Jamie bought £1,000 worth of chips and walked out with £30,000 after hitting a streak of luck. Must’ve been the forwards lucky week to win both a trophy and an extra £30,000.

James Maddison 

James Maddison is another name in English football that is frequently associated with the casino industry. Namely, the Leicester City midfielder was pictured gambling while he was out injured for international duty. To make matters worse, his team lost 2-1 in an away defeat to Czechia. The 25-year-old might have missed out on the Euro 2020 qualifier, but at least he was having a good time recovering from the injury. James is not shy when expressing his love for poker.  

Allegedly, he plays poker on the regular and has participated in numerous tournaments around the world. Moreover, the one-time Premier League winner won £2,300 for a charitable cause at a poker event in 2018.

Joey Barton 

Joey Barton is one controversial man. Best known for his antics both off and on the pitch, the ex-QPR man has been at the centre of many scandals. One of the bigger stories surrounding him was his FA charge for misconduct. Allegedly, Joey placed as many as 1,260 bets during the 10 years period between 2006 and 2016, which was illegal for him to do. He would receive an 18-month ban from “all football activities” and an additional £30,000 fine. Later, his ban would be reduced by 5 months after he made an appeal. 

The one-time England representative has gone as far as to say that 50% of the playing staff place bets, although that number seems to be exaggerated.