Expert Tips for Playing Live Roulette in Australia

The gambling industry knows live roulette as a game with live dealers. Experts on our site are confident that the opportunity to compete in skill and strategic thinking sets the game apart from other entertainment. Many gambling sites have added roulette with a real dealer to their range. But it was in Playamo 40 that we found a wide range of variations and are ready to share our personal experience of testing the game.

Our experts can talk about a simple and convenient game with standard rules based on our own research. Of course, we understand the challenges for those new to iGaming. Therefore, in this material, we will analyze in detail the functioning of roulette in the live format and present the main types of the game. We will also examine the rules to help you win real money.

Live Roulette – What is it?

For gamblers from Australia to understand the live casino concept, you should consider roulette with live dealers. Our experts have tested different versions of the table game developed by various software providers. The difference in live roulette is the possibility of competing with a real opponent, not the GSC. In the game, users need to guess where the ball will fall after running on the roulette wheel.

Observing the live roulette type, our experts saw a dealer and a real table. It is divided into several parts, where the longer one is placed for outside bets; the inside bets are placed in the broader table.

The experts liked that the game is equipped with an intuitive menu. When turning on roulette, we saw the roulette disk on top and the dealer’s seat next to it. The croupier performs standard tasks in online casinos with live roulette: accepts and voices bets, spins the wheel, and throws in the ball.

Varieties of Live Roulette

We are convinced that to get the most positive emotions and winnings, choosing the right roulette at Playamo is essential. Today, live casino software manufacturers are developing classic and improved series of board games. But the following types remain relevant at all times:

  • European roulette has 36 numbered cells with one green sector, Zero or 0. This increases the advantage of players.
  • American version – 36 game cells marked on the roulette disk, but there are two Zero sectors: 0 and 00. This increases the advantage of the gambling house.
  • French roulette is equipped with a wheel identical to the European version but has several special rules: En Prison and La Partage.

Experts from our team analyzed the growing demand for live roulette and noticed that software suppliers continue to increase the release of different game variations. Not every gaming establishment can boast a large assortment. That’s why we recommend choosing often available traditional live roulette formats.

Simple Tips for Successful Playing Live Roulette

Hopefully, our explanations have helped you to understand that roulette with a live croupier works without the involvement of computer software. The dealer is fully responsible for the draw results, spinning the disk himself. Therefore, playing in online broadcasting mode opens up opportunities for players to use strategies, which we will discuss below.

Bet Diversification

Our experts’ experience suggests that playing live roulette will not bring you several identical rounds. Therefore, nothing is brighter than changing the size and type of bet to maximize your return or winnings. Try to spread your bankroll over several bets and decide on the numbers. This is influenced by the correctly chosen strategy, which we will discuss later.

Bet on High Odds

Our experts note that the variability of bets affects the odds. Based on our experience playing live roulette, we advise you to use the highest odds. We are talking about betting on high odds, like red or black, which increases the probability of hitting the winning box. This tactic will help beginners because it promotes learning in terms of the rules and strategy of the game.

Bet Sizes

Proper bankroll management has a significant impact on winnings. Our research has shown that the roulette wheel goes through an average of 40 spins per hour. Therefore, you need to distribute the budget so your chosen strategy works. Do not rush to place high bets; move along the intended path and strategy you will learn about.

Strategies Games in Live Roulette

Our specialists have come across many different strategies for live roulette. But we have chosen basic tactics that are suitable for both beginners and experienced players:

Strategy Description
Martingale According to our data, the strategy is to double the bet when losing. Experts are convinced this will help win back losses and bring significant winnings.
Anti-martingale The tactic depends on the previous option, where you must double your bet every time you win. This also includes reducing the bet when losing to reduce the cost of the gaming session.
Fibonacci We analyzed the strategy and realized that it is formed from minimum bets on even numbers in the selected sequence of numbers. Subsequent bets are presented as the sum of previous bets. In theory, you should raise your bet when you win and lower your bet when you lose.
Constant betting tactics Experts consider this tactic to be the simplest and most convenient. You must choose a bet size and play with it throughout the session. This way, you will reduce costs and maintain control with a chance to get more winnings.
All-in This strategy is suitable for riskier players. Here, you need to decide on a bet and set your entire bankroll on it to hit the jackpot.
James Bond We are sure that many Bond fans play this tactic, where you need to make a maximum bet on a group of numbers 19-36, then bet less on 13-18 and set the minimum bet to 0. This method helps to cover a large number of numbers with a high chance of winning.

But remember to play responsibly because live roulette is a severe risk even for professionals. Therefore, only adults over 21 are allowed to play it.