Discovering New Zealand’s Sporting Attractions for West Londoners

Choosing activities that satisfy your love of sport

If you’re a West London sport lover, you want to work that into your everyday life – this can range from finding out where you can find the latest football news to satisfying your sporty cravings when on holiday. If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, you have multiple options to choose from. 

Planning the journey properly 

Before thinking about your sporting itinerary in New Zealand, it’s important to plan the trip essentials first. Think about the specifics of travelling – for example, will you need a New Zealand visa? If so, be sure to arrange this ahead of time. You may also want to think about travel insurance and medical coverage alongside the more common planning items such as your accommodation and catering. 

Activities for the sporting enthusiast

If you’re a West London sport fan, there’s a great deal to do in New Zealand – New Zealand of course has a proud sporting history, so what sort of options do you have? 

Bungee Jumping

When you apply for a visa through, you’ll get an opportunity to gain new experiences while you travel such as Bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is commonly accepted to have been established by a thrill-seeker named A J Hackett on a large bridge near Queenstown. Of course, since then it has spread around the world, but the scenic beauty of New Zealand makes it an exceptional choice for the adrenaline junkie. Even those who don’t like heights have often reported loving the experience, and have gone from starting terrified to barely being able to wait to have another go! 

Black Water Caving

For something a little less intense but no less exhilarating be sure to try black water caving. There are many sites in New Zealand making the most of the incredible and largely unspoiled landscape. Not one for the claustrophobic and always be sure to go with a guide if you are not familiar with the area you’re going to be exploring. If you don’t fancy caving, black water rafting is also extremely popular with multiple companies offering experiences across New Zealand. 

General Sporting Fixtures 

The West London sport lover doesn’t have to just get involved when in New Zealand – there’s an ever-growing list of sporting events and fixtures to enjoy as a spectator rather than a participant. It’s worth consulting a list of future sporting events when planning your journey to make sure you’re able to watch what you want. Whether you enjoy football, rugby, golf, running, or any number of other sporting activities New Zealand consistently has something exciting to watch. 

These simple ideas can make the sport lover’s journey to New Zealand one that’s full of lasting memories. Whether you decide to take the leap with a bungee or visit the world-famous Eden Park stadium to watch your favourite sport, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. Be sure not to forget the very first point however, and ensure you have your visa, and other travel documentation sorted out before you start planning your journey to New Zealand.