Hazard should keep unselfish streak – Conte

Eden Hazard’s unselfish approach is a boost not a hindrance to his chances of being seen as the best player in the world, according to Chelsea boss Antonio Conte.

The Belgian attacker has scored a total of 15 goals in the Premier League and FA Cup so far this season.

But the 26-year-old has sometimes been criticised for lacking a ruthless streak in front of goal.

Hazard himself has said he needs to score more goals, while Cesc Fabregas recently said his Chelsea team-mate would challenge Lionel Messi for the tag of the world’s best player if he played more for himself.

But Conte said Messi was far from a selfish player and Hazard does not need to change his mentality.

The Italian added: “The first target for every great champion is to play for the team and to put your talents into the team. If you do this the team enjoys your talent.

“The best players in the world without a team? It doesn’t exist.”

Conte said that the idea a great player should be selfish made him “sad”.

“This is not my idea of football,” he added. “I will never understand this. Never, ever.

“In my team, I don’t want selfish players. I’d prefer to lose a game than have selfish players. I don’t want this and I can’t accept this. I don’t want this for my club.

“One day will I buy a selfish player? Never.”