Chelsea’s chances of a top-four finish when the season resumes

In the wake of the highly infectious coronavirus, most of the activities in the world came to a standstill. The premier league season was also affected as the competition got suspended to a far later date. The future of the football season is stuck in limbo as there’s no guarantee the nightmare is anywhere soon to end. Thus, one could often wonder, what is the fate of the 2019/20 EPL? What are the chances of Chelsea finishing in the top four once the season resumes? Here’s everything you need to know.

The vacant title

With everything that’s happening around, the football season could end in several ways than one would have expected. The first scenario would be where no team wins the league as everything gets left as it is. Nobody would also get relegated in the process. In the process, Chelsea FC would likely remain in the EPL on the current basis that they are in right now.

Current standings

Not so long ago, the top four remained in a balance. There was a fierce relegation fight heating up as the mid-table as just the mid-table. Liverpool was cruising at the top and had a higher likelihood of winning the season. Chelsea, on the other hand, gets 4th on the champions league spot. However, that’s quite a pickle as Aston Villa, Norwich and Bournemouth might not take relegation so lightly.  

The playoffs

Here’s another highly likely outcome of the champions league. The playoffs might play a more significant role in determining who takes the title home, who’ll become promoted and sadly who’ll get relegated. In the outcome, Liverpool might not be entirely pleased as it had a 25-point lead in the EPL title race. In this case, Chelsea’s situation is also unclear; however, there might be a few playoffs of the competition to get into Europe. It’s a tough situation as the team is sitting in the fourth position and would likely lose everything. In case a mini-playoff gets scheduled among the top football teams, it leaves the door open for Chelsea to emerge victoriously. It’s quite a fascinating outcome as the team already has 34 points off the top.

Resuming of the season

Here’s a more hopeful end towards the 2019/20 champions league. It’s the home of fans, players, as well as punters who join w88 club that the coronavirus burns itself out. It’s quite unfortunate that the world is still experiencing the peak of the virus.  There’s also fear of a second wave reemergence of the virus. There might be a further delay of the EPL into May or possibly June. As the situation gradually unfolds each day, it’s becoming tough to determine whether to keep hope alive or face reality as it is. However, when the season resumes, there’s high hope for Chelsea to seal its place among the top four to qualify for the EPL.

There’s still a beaming hope that Chelsea could pick 16 more points and emerge in the top four. One could join W88 club and bet on the prediction of the game’s outcome. There’s still some matched to play, and it might get crammed in the June football schedule.