Chelsea FC – squad value in transfer market 20/21

Chelsea: Kai Havertz and Tammy Abraham

Football attracts many sponsors who have a great impact on a player’s value. Truth to told, the astronomic prices are mainly affected by bookmakers and their interest in this industry. A lot of fans like to place a few bets on their favourite teams just to make things more interesting. If you are one of those fans, make sure to check to get the best odds out there.

Transfer Market Value

The majority of football enthusiasts are familiar with Transfermarket, the German website that is best known for determining the market values ​​of all professional footballers. This website is the most accurate one and the prices are realistic. 

According to them, for many seasons, Chelsea has regularly been among the top 5 most valuable clubs in terms of market value, but a lot has changed in the last few years. There are new clubs on the horizon, clubs like Liverpool, Manchester City, Juventus, and Atletico Madrid. With the departure of Hazar, who was worth €150 million, Chelsea almost got out from Top 10, and they were exactly in the 10th place after he left.  

Chelsea’s Value in 20/21 Season

A new price update introduced changes and “rewarded” some of Chelsea’s young players, which brought the club back on the map. The whole squad is currently worth 838,90 million and is placed at 7th most expensive team in the world. Both Liverpool and Manchester City are worth more than 1 billion, which makes Chelsea 3rd club in the Premiership, just one place above Manchester United. Keep in mind that City and Liverpool are also the most valuable teams in the world, at least for now. 

The Blues owe their high position to the rise in the prices of the academy’s products. The defence academy player Fikayo Tomori is worth € 20 million today, which is not so much, but considering that he was worth € 16 million just 2 months ago, it is still a great increase. Both Mount and Abraham have now crossed the limit of an impressive € 40 million.

But the most expensive of youngsters is still Mason, whose price has increased by an additional € 5 million, and the boy is now worth € 45 million. 

The most valuable player is now officially Kai Haverz, who is worth € 81 million. He is followed by Werner and Kante (both € 70 million), and Pulisic, whose price didn’t change and still sits at € 60 million. 

On the other hand, Rudiger’s and Kepa’s recorded a significant decline of 10 million each due to unconvincing last season and bad performances. Kante’s price was also decreased by 10 million, mostly due to his age as he is now 29 years old. 

We don’t know what to expect from the future, but if the trend continues, those values ​​will continue to grow, given the fact that Premiership players are still somewhat overrated on the transfer market.