Chelsea announced the final agreement: the club is moving from Roman Abramovich to new owners

A group led by Marc Boehly is set ti take over Chelsea

Chelsea FC have confirmed that terms have been agreed upon under which a new group of owners will acquire the club and all agreements will be signed in the near future.

The completion of the transaction is scheduled for the end of May, when all approvals will be received. More details about the deal will appear at this time.

Fans are now arguing about how this will affect the future of the club, but we just have to wait for changes and watch the events as they come. This decision was made in an accelerated mode due to political events that led to pressure on businessman Roman Abramovich.

Most likely, in case of ignoring the situation and keeping the club in his hands, Chelsea would have lost a lot of ratings. Since we live in the age of social networks, most likely the club’s management would have to restore its reputation for a long time, and in this case, even the ability to buy Instagram followers would not save them.

Money: how much did they sell for and where will the funds go?

Chelsea immediately outlined the details. The total investment of the new owners is 4.25 billion pounds (4.9 billion euros). It is important to understand that it consists of two parts.

£2.5bn is a fee for the club’s shares. This is the same money that Abramovich himself could have received if he had sold under other conditions. In the current political circumstances of the world, the money will go to a UK bank account and will not be available to Roman.

Funds, as originally planned, will be sent to charity. This plan, in a statement on behalf of Abramovich, was confirmed by the club on the morning of the deal.

£1.75bn is the agreed amount of investment from the new owners. Chelsea clarifies that this money will go to the development of the club: it will be invested in the stadium, the club’s academy, the women’s team and other projects.

If the new management successfully continues to develop the club, then we may well see Chelsea in first places in major tournaments. It is possible that now the club begins a new life. We can only follow the news of the club on social networks. We recommend that you subscribe to Chelsea — so the club does not have to buy real Instagram followers, and you will get the main news from the official source.

Who are the buyers?

The most important thing about each will tell you briefly.

Todd Boehly is an American businessman, co-owner (20%) of the Dodgers baseball club from Los Angeles.

Mark Walter is also an American, the main owner of the Dodgers. According to British media, he joined the bid already in the process of fighting for Chelsea, at the invitation of Boehly.

Hansjoerg Wyss is a Swiss entrepreneur who has made business in the medical field. He was one of the first to reveal himself that he had received an offer to buy Chelsea.