BetWasp surebet scanner review

BetWasp is a software designed for scanning for surebets and value bets. The scanner has proven useful in searching for working arbitrage situations and making solid money with BOs.

After installing the application and registering, all that is left to do is choose a subscription and set some simple settings. The service will perform the rest of the work. You only have to select the most profitable surebets and value bets.


A surebet is a situation occurring due to the difference in the odds set by the different bookmakers. The bets are to be wagered on all possible outcomes of one event, allowing to make money regardless of the outcome.

For example, one bookmaker has set a 2.15 odd on the win of the one tennis player, and the second bookie has set a 2.10 on the other one’s success. After wagering a 1,000$ bet on each of the outcomes, regardless of the winner in the match, you will be able to make a profit of 150 / 100 $. If you want to know more about surebets – read the article here: 

The most difficult part here is to find suchlike situations, especially regularly, which is problematic. BetWasp solves this issue. The service is the fastest of surebet scanners, it provides up-to-date results and has no delays.

The scanner detects surebets in live and prematch modes, so you can choose the most suitable betting option.

Service functionality

One-click betting. You just have to enter the data for authorization in the bookmaker websites and select the outcomes, while clicking once. BetWasp will finalize the bet in the background. This procedure is not only convenient, but also beneficial, because you may not have time to cover each leg of the surebet manually.

Multifilter, the setting customizing search results for your personal strategy. The application has the option of hiding surebets and values ​​by selecting one or several criteria:

  • Bookmakers;
  • kinds of sport;
  • % of income;
  • outcomes;
  • start time of matches;

Sorting allows to show surebets / value bets, as well as live / prematch modes. Additionally, the results can be sorted by profit percentage, margin width, lifetime, and start time of matches.

Notifications – the text and sound alerts for newfound surebets and values.

‘Saved calculator. Thanks to this option, you will be able to save certain results. For example, in order to compare several arbitrage situations. To add a result to favorites, click on the shortcut icon in the upper right corner of the calculator (the saved result will then be displayed in the “Saved” tab).

Hidden menu. It is designed to remove a specific surebet or value bet, or a particular match from the results. The list of hidden items will then be displayed in the settings panel on the left (see “Hidden results” section).

Accounting tool is necessary to record transactions. All bets will be automatically saved.

BetWasp advantages

The main advantages of the scanner are its stability and speed. The service data is synchronized with bookies, so there is no delay. Surebets and value bets ​​are always valid, and when a new arbitrage situation appears, it gets immediately shown in the application.

The second significant already discussed advantage is its extensive functionality. Lots of options combined with a user-friendly interface make BetWasp an indispensable surebet software.

Other advantages of the service:

  • many kinds of sport (more than 40);
  • lots of outcomes (1×2, handicap, total, corners and many others);
  • flexible subscription tariffs;
  • competent and quick-response support service;
  • one-click betting.

The aforementioned points may be of no value if the bettor has problems with the BO (account blocking, coefficient cutting, limit reduction, etc.).

Using the scanner is safe, because the bot is not sending lots of requests to the bookmakers’ server, completely emulating the bettor’s behavior. BetWasp bypasses the protection of even the most advanced BOs by using its own browser.

When authorizing on the bookie’s website and running into the captcha request, the service is used. And most importantly, all bets are being wagered from the computer / IP address used by the user to log into its BO account. Additionally, in the application settings, you can set the user-agent and language-header parameters in order to maximally protect yourself from sanctions.


BetWasp is the most surely indispensable tool for betting with surebets and value bets. The app is stable and fast. The scanner has wide functionality, greatly simplifying the betting process and opening the way to a stable income from sports betting.