Betting Terms Explained

When you start betting on sports matches at non GamStop bookmakers, you come across many different bets and betting terms. Not all of these will tell you much right away. On this page we explain different betting terms and betting types to you. This way you can increase your knowledge about gambling. 

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Extensive Information About Betting Terms at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Under each heading we give a brief explanation of the type of bet, or the term it is about. This way you already have a good idea of what the bet type or gambling concept means.

Are you interested in learning more about a particular topic? Then follow the links under each block. These lead you to a page where the type of bet or the term is explained in much more detail. 

On those pages we provide much more information, and we go deeper into the terminology. There you will also find several examples of the gambling term. So, you know how to apply it as a bettor. On the extensive pages you will also find all kinds of useful tips and strategies per subject, so that you can become a real expert on this betting topic!

You can place all these bets at non GamStop bookmakers. You may also want to learn more about that subject in itself. 

1X2 Bet

The most popular bet that you will come across when betting on sports is the 1X2 bet. It is the most played by bettors around the world. One of the big reasons for this is the simplicity of the prediction. You don’t have to dig deep into the meaning of the bet, but you can simply bet your money on the outcome of a match.

If you are going 1X2 betting there are three options to bet on, logically these are 1, X and 2. Where the 1 stands for a win for the home team, the X for a draw and the 2 for a win for the visitors. This simply means that all you have to do is predict what the outcome of the match will be. You can forget about the number of goals, the profit margin and all kinds of other things.

If you are going to make a prediction at the non GamStop bookmaker, you will often come across the 1X2 bet and there is a good chance that you will also use it often. The simplicity makes it attractive to bet on, even if you don’t know all the ins and outs of the game. Do you know that the visitors are much stronger? Then you can enter a 2 without much effort and wait for a good result. Another option is a 5 euro deposit casino – always worth considering. 


Sometimes it’s too easy to simply say that one of the two teams is going to win. One of the other bet types you can use is the Handicap. Here you can influence the starting position of a match. At least, virtually you can award one or more goals to one of the teams before a duel has started. This can also have a nice influence on the odds.

If you are going to place a handicap bet, you are virtually giving a team a goal (or more) as a gift. You see this in the form of ‘Team A +1’. This means that the match for your prediction will start with 1-0 instead of 0-0. If the match on the field is 1-1, then it is added up with your extra goal to become 2-1, so your bet on Team A was correct. The other way around is also possible: ‘Team A -1’. This puts that team one goal behind, so it must win by at least two goals.

As you can see above, there are actually two variants. You can give a team a virtual advantage, but you can also choose to make it more difficult. As a result, the Handicap can be used in two ways and can be very valuable to you as a bettor.

Over / Under

In the Over / Under bet you predict the number of goals in a match. This number of goals is indicated by half goals, so you get combinations like ‘more than 1.5 goals’ or ‘less than 3.5 goals’. This is to avoid ambiguity as to whether ‘less than 2 goals’ would be right or wrong when exactly two goals are scored. Betting on a half goal makes it clearer if your prediction is right or wrong. Odds are often quite high with the Over / Under bet, so you can find a nice prediction here.

In Over / Under it is not about the goals of individual teams, but the goals of both teams are added together. Even if one of the two teams fails to score, you can still score many goals. Certainly if you go for few goals; then it’s nice that one of the two teams doesn’t score anyway. 

This prediction ensures that you can still win regardless of the result. You don’t have to choose which team wins or loses, and you can end up with a winning bet in more ways than one.

System Bet

The most important feature of system bets compared to the regular combination bet is that not all predictions have to come true in order to make a profit .

It is best illustrated with an example. Let’s say you bet on ‘Team A win’, ‘Team B win’, ‘Team C win’ and ‘Team D win’. In a combination bet, all of this is combined into one total bet. It works differently with a system. You then make different combinations of those four predictions. You bet an amount on each of those predictions.