Betting on football: why we enjoy it so much

Football on its own is a brilliant game and followed by millions around the world. While having a flutter on a game used to be something just a few people did, now it seems that everyone who enjoys the beautiful game’ has at least one betting app on their mobile phone.

In truth, it’s the technology that has really changed how we place a bet. Better connectivity and improved technology means that betting companies can offer a lot more than in the past. And customers really love it. A useful site to check for some top rated bookmakers is

Here are five great reasons why we enjoy betting on football:

1. It’s fun

We’ll start with the simplest one first. Betting has become a lot more fun over the last twenty years. No longer do you have to skulk into a smoky betting shop on the high street to have a wager on a game. Technology has given the opportunity to bet to a whole range of different demographics who are just as excited as each other of winning their next bet.

2. It’s social

We’ve democratised betting in a big way. Punters can sit together in a pub or at home, betting on their mobiles and having fun in a group rather than on their own. Then, these groups can go to the pub or Head Out to the Bar to watch free TV when the sport is on to see if their bets have paid off. They celebrate each other’s successes and commiserate the failures. Groups can work together to improve their odds of winning and have a few beers at the same time.

3. There’s variety

One of the big things that has happened over recent years is that the type of event you can bet on has widened considerably. It’s not just about who wins or who scores during the match. On some sites you can bet on the points difference, the timing of certain events, even how many fouls are committed. It’s also available for every game which gives many more options. That’s what makes it so exciting for football fans.

QPR: Luke Freeman

4. Live streaming

This has been a big change for many customers. If they’re stuck somewhere or can’t see the match on satellite TV, many betting companies nowadays offer live streaming and prompts to place a bet so people don’t miss out. That means you can watch the match on your laptop or smartphone while still being connected to betting company, wherever you are in the world. Want to watch games? Check out for a list of bookmakers who offer sports streams.

5. Great offers

The competition between different football betting companies is quite fierce. That means you can always find great offers with free bets and improved odds, particularly on big matches. That gives punters real value for money and even the chance to win big.

Why it’s important to compare odds and offers

With so much choice for people who bet on football, keeping track of the offers and what odds are available is important. This is pretty challenging, especially when you need up to date information as quickly as possible. That’s why sites like are so useful. You can find all the best offers in one place and quickly decide where you want to bet and what you’d like to bet on.

Quick comparison gives you the edge and if you want the chance to win more, getting your strategy straight and making the right choices is important.