Best scenarios for Chelsea in 2019

Chelsea is a football club in London. The club competes in the premier league which is English football’s top division. The club’s nicknames are ‘the blues.’ Since the team started playing in the EPL, Chelsea has had several victories. This includes: winning FA cups, winning 6 of the top titles in English football, winning the community shield cup, winning the UEFA super cup and UEFA Europa League, winning the full ember’s cup and winning the UEFA champion’s league among others. However, in the year 2019, the football club has had various scenarios that they can describe as being the best.

Winning the European trophy

Winning the UEFA Europe league was one of Chelsea’s best scenarios. The match was played against arsenal whereby Chelsea managed to score four goals while Arsenal scored one goal. Of the four goals scored, two of them were scored by Eden Hazard. Eden Hazard was also the man of the match. He made it quite tricky for Arsenal players to access the ball when it was at his feet. He also linked well to his fellow players and opened space for them. He was also involved in all the scored goals. He could have become the star in the game if he could have scored two more goals.

Finishing third in the Premier League

In the previous season 2017/2018, Chelsea had finished at position five. The club kicked the 2018/2019 season well with several games going unbeaten. As the season progressed, the club’s coach targeted to complete the premier league at being among the top four. Finishing at the third position was, therefore, success to the team. It allows them to participate in the UEFA champion’s league which they did not participate in this season.

EFL’s runner’s up

Manchester City won the 2018/2019 EFL cup. However, Chelsea managed to reach the finals whereby Manchester city managed to win. Maurizio Sarri, the club’s coach, was satisfied with these results. He said that at that stage, it was a success. This was another moment that could be termed as the best scenario of the club in 2019. Playing EFL up to the finals is not that easy. Manchester city was I good form during this season, and Chelsea managed to end the game in a draw. They lost to Manchester City at the penalties, and that was reasonable effort. This match was gambled so much in various poker sites.


Chelsea began the 2018/2019 on a high note. It went undefeated for several games, and their fans were confident that they would maintain this form in a series of matches. The team, however, managed to pose an improvement when compared to its performance during the last season. The club was able to moment the targets they had put in place