Best Live Casino Games for Football Fans

Chelsea: Mason Mount goal

No matter what the current trends might be, football remains the number one sport for most people. They love to watch it, play it, and bet on it. People, as they often say, opt for football because it’s an exciting, fast, and challenging game. It seems, however, that some football fans found these exact characteristics in some classic casino games playing at the Bandar Togel Online as well. All variants of roulettes, slots, and other betting games are becoming extremely popular among people who know a thing or two about football. Fans are even said to be playing the slots on their phone at football matches. That’s because some mobile casino pay by phone bill so that gamblers don’t need to take their credit card out in the middle of the crowd in order to take a spin.

It isn’t such a huge surprise that we’re also witnessing a sudden surge in popularity of football-themed casino games. These days, they’re everywhere – from influential iGambling forums where they’re analysed in great detail, to well-renowned online gambling platforms where people play them around the clock. The ICE36, online live casino was one of the first gambling platforms to include these types of games, and its popularity has been skyrocketing ever since. Moreover, there are so many different types of online casino games out there nowadays, that there really is something for everyone. Whether you are a casual online casino fan, or a gambling pro, it has never been easier to get your gambling fix. Some gamblers even like to try their luck by playing games from all over the world including European countries like Germany. Consequently, you can find a wide range of unique casino games over on the Neue Casinos website.

In front of you lies a list of the currently most wanted football-based casino games whose full potential is yet to be fulfilled. Continue reading if you want to know what makes them far better than any other online casino game you’ve ever tried.

Live Football Roulette

Proudly presented by Playtech, this game is one of a kind for many good reasons. Its highly innovative design allows you to simultaneously watch your favourite sport and bet on your number one casino game. This is where fans of roulette and football come together to indulge in their beloved free-time activities – no wonder this game is in such high demand ever since it first appeared.

The Mega Casino UK, an online gambling site widely known for great innovations, was the first big name to promote this amazing game. Soon after that, this state-of-the-art casino game stepped out of anonymity, and now it can be found in all significant gambling platforms.

Football Star

Being one of Microgaming’s masterpieces, Football Star deserves a special place on every list of football-themed casino games. As soon as it was released, it quickly captured the hearts of passionate slot players and, to this day, it stands for one of the classics of this industry. We could say that it partly owes its success to mighty E-Traffic, the company whose exceptional gambling SEO services initially made this game visible to broader audiences.

As you know, the first two weeks of the marketing campaign are crucial for every casino game, and mistakes made during this utterly important period can hardly be undone. That’s why collaboration with some of the giants of this industry is the way to go.

Foxin Wins Football Fever

Produced by NextGen Gaming, this gem remained hidden from public eyes until the beginning of the 2018 World Cup. Foxin Wins Football Fever is a slot game dedicated to this widely popular global football competition. With its 25 paylines, 5 reels, and a hypnotising combination of warm colours, it keeps attracting thousands of new players each week. A wide variety of generous bonuses makes this game an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Not Your Average Football-Themed Casino Game

All things considered, these three titles represent the very top of the shelf of the online gambling industry. Distinctive in their design, admired for their simplicity, and wanted for their amazing technical characteristics, these games will continue to captivate the attention of punters around the world. Without any doubt, they have a rather bright future in front of them.

If you’ve always been curious about this genre, but never really knew where to start, we’re sure this article will help you leave your doubts behind and begin your exceptional casino adventure immediately. Pick the online casino game that suits you the best at Casinor, and start your betting journey today!