Become a video game designer to create your own gaming site

If you are full of interesting ideas and have some artistic flare and definitely love to play games from your childhood days, then video game designer would be the perfect gig for you. Now, if you are serious to become a video game designer, then definitely you need the complete game design training with the latest technology. To become successful in this competitive industry, it is necessary to have expert knowledge and skills about the entire game development pipeline. Whether you want to work in a major gaming studio or want to develop and publish your own website and continue to learn more into developing visually striking and responsive webpages, one thing is very clear that you have to be well trained both as a programmer and as a unique and innovative creative artist.

The video game development industry is still in its infancy, being less than 60 years old. So, we can say that Video game industry is an ultra-competitive field full of creative people. Companies are still testing everything to make profits and stay afloat.

What a Video Game Designer Does:

Video game designers mainly develop the concept of the game. In the preproduction stage of the site, video game designers come up with the rules and represent the look and feel of the website. Once the game reaches into the production stage, they build the world of the game and develop environment and all the characters from the beginning to the end in order to obtain a priceless jewel, the kind people love to play on Fileproto emulators years after the platform they’re on is no longer available.Video game makers also develop the side quests you play to win the points.

Sometimes, the job description of video game designer gets mixed up with that of the video game developer. Although they are referred interchangeably, they are quite different. Video game designers are mainly responsible for the front end designing and video game designers are responsible for back end work like the coding section. So for example, if you were to think about a popular game at the moment being played online by hundreds of thousands using server sites such as this Minecraft server hosting website as well as singleplayer options, Minecraft. Minecraft took the majority of the gaming world by storm, and it’s still very popular now. If we were to think of the front end, designing the game is as players would see it, the trees, grass, each individual block as a resource, how they would see lava physics work etc. The back end, would be the coding to make these in-game “physics” work, a set of codes and principles to base the game off, so it runs as intended. One simple way of imagining what back-end coders would be doing in terms of Minecraft again, would be the rules that surround the lava physics, lava when interrupted spreads in a certain way, over a certain amount of blocks, every time. This is the coders job to ensure that in every instance, this piece of code behaves the same all throughout the game in different scenarios and locations. But if you want to create your own gaming site, it is essential that you would become a video game maker which includes design and development both the sections.

Now, to make a game, you have to go through the 6 stages of game development – Design, Art, Code, Audio, Polish and Market.

Design: Being a video game maker, if you already have a great idea, then you need to note down a design document with the details like – what makes your game idea better? What type of game ideas you have – thought provoking or a new twist in the old classic or something that has never done before? After that, also check the visual and sound effects. You can check some other sites like to get better ideas about different types of online games, casinos, gambling with the graphics pixel and music idea. Write down all your ideas to go to the next step.

Art: After planning the idea, you can now work on the actual game with the art of drawing under 3 basic principles of colour, shape and space. Start the designing and make the game unique by distinct colour scheme, shape, icons, font style while functional. After UI, take the help of the 2D animations and select either frame by frame or bone based animations. Also, don’t forget the tile patterned of the images with 9 slice assets and make the dimension if each asset. If you are taking help of Photoshop, use File > Export > Layers to export the layer.

Code: It is an essential part of creating video game. Decide on the game engine and IDE (which is an app to let you code – Integrated Development Environment). So, learn about the coding sections of the game including data structures, C, C++, functions and exceptions, language, API (Applicable Programming Interface), Visual Studio Code and other essential coding parts from any well known educational center. If you are only the designer, then don’t hesitate to take the help of the developers to get the correct coding part.

Audio: Audio in any game can do wonders for creating mood and enticement. Think about what you want to include – music, sound effects, voiceovers or narration? So, record and mix them in a smooth way so that it matches the mood of the game.

Polish: It is important to bug testing your game in your PC or on all the other targeted platforms. If you found any bug, check every possible way to fix this.

Market: Now, it’s the time to show your video game to others. Create your own site and place the video game on it. Game developer community is also helpful. Find News Company, magazines and email them. Publish the gaming site in different Social Networking sites and promote the game as much as possible to target the market.