Arbitrage betting explained

Nowadays, many bettors are searching for the way to play up the bookie. However, most gamblers eventually get only loss since all existing betting strategies appear to be ineffective.

Anyway, some bettors still get stable income due to arbitrage betting strategy.

What is arbitrage betting?

When arbitrage situation (arb) appears, it enables gambler to bet on opposing outcomes of the event and get profit no matter the result.

Such situations appear due to several reasons:

bookmakers have no time react to odds change so switch them with delay.
competition between bookmakers, which encourages them to uprate the odds.
mistakes at the bookmakers line.

Arb types

Currently, arbitrage situations are sorted out by several parameters: number of outcomes and beginning time.

The simplest arbitrage situation sorted by the number of outcomes consists of two opposing bets. However, 3-outcome arbs are also spread.

All the arbs are divided into Prematch and Live by the beginning time. Prematch arbitrage situations appear with events that start in a while. It’s much easier to work with such events.

Live arbs appear with events in real time and usually have higher yield percent.

Arb example

B1 – H1 (-1.5) = @1.82, H2 (+1.5) = @2.14
B2 – H1 (-1.5) = @2.07, H2 (+1.5) = @1.88

Here are the odds from two different bookmakers (B1 and B2) for La Liga game, and specifically the bets for handicap.

Regular bettor has no clue what these quotas mean, but arber will notice that H2(+1.5) with B1 and H1(-1.5) with B2 make up an arb, since the odds are higher 2.0. Betting these outcomes simultaneously, the gambler will get profit no matter the outcome.

Nevertheless, we should consider the fact that the example contains the simplest, apparent and rare arb. In fact, the search and calculation may take too much time and power, so gamblers employ the services of specialized bookmaker scanners.

In fact, the search and calculation may take too much time and power, so gamblers employ the services of specialized arbitrage services.

Arbitrage betting services

Arbitrage services analyse data from an enormous amount of bookmaker lines with further issuance the information about arbs to clients. BetBurger is one of the best arb scanners, which is actively used by thousands of professional bettors.

Currently, this service analyse information from 100+ bookmakers in more than 25 kinds of sport in Prematch and Live mode.

Another advantage of BetBurger is its extensive functionality to simplify the working process.
It’s worth noting that the service includes additional functionality like the above-mentioned calculator, hiding menu, plugin for direct link to betslip etc.

To sum up

Surebets really can help a gambler to beat a bookie, and this article proves it to be true. But in order to make money on this strategy you need to learn how to search and calculate arbitrage situations fast.

You can do it alone, but most experts use arbitrage betting services. Especially, it concerns newbies without required experience and skills.