5 Ways to Access Photos and Videos from Other Devices on Your Phone

Are you looking for a way to keep tabs on another phone or device? Perhaps you’re a concerned parent looking to safeguard your child from online threats. Maybe you run a business where you need to track your employees’ work devices. Even likelier, you’re a concerned spouse looking to find out if your partner is cheating. 

Regardless of your situation, you’d be well served by a robust monitoring app that can give you access to messages, photos, and videos from any device. Read on as we explore the most popular of these apps. 

Top Monitoring Apps

There are several monitoring apps on the market, some better than others. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork and brought you the best in the category:

Mobile Tracker Free

A reliable monitoring app with a host of attractive features, Mobile Tracker Free is the best mobile tracker for anyone looking to monitor their loved ones or employees for free. 

Notable Features

  1. Media tracking: Grants access to all photos and videos, even recovers deleted ones. 
  2. Real-time location: Uses GPS to retrieve the location of a device at all times.
  3. Social media tracking: Track Facebook profile and activity across other popular apps like WhatsApp.
  4. Remote control: Allows you to take a photo or record the ambient sound on your target device remotely.
  5. Call/SMS tracking: Monitors all incoming and outgoing calls and messages. 

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  • Offers essential features for free
  • Grants remote control of the target phone
  • Gives access to downloaded files and media


  • The free version comes with limited customer support


ClevGuard is a top-tier monitoring solution for smartphones, tablets, and computers. This versatile platform offers a variety of monitoring tools, with KidsGuard Pro standing out as a flagship cell phone locator app. 

Notable Features

  1. Screenshot capture: Allows the capture of real-time screenshots of monitored activity.
  2. Keylogger: Records all keyboard inputs on the target device.
  3. GPS: Tracks real-time location of monitored device and records visited places.
  4. Message and calls monitoring: Tracks contacts as well as incoming and outgoing messages and calls.
  5. Social media tracking: Monitors activity across installed apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 


  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows
  • Requires no rooting or jailbreaking
  • Tracks social media activity
  • Offers services in multiple languages


  • Detectable on some Android devices
  • Doesn’t access social media direct messages


FamiSafe is a comprehensive monitoring app with a variety of attractive features. It’s a decent choice for anyone looking to monitor activity across another device.

Notable Features

  1. Screen time control: Allows monitoring device usage and setting daily limits.
  2. Web content filtering: Blacklists dangerous and inappropriate websites.
  3. App blocking: Blocks access to apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more.
  4. Location tracking: Retrieves device location in real-time. Offers geofencing with notifications when boundaries are crossed.
  5. Monitors driving: Generates driving reports with details on distance, speed, and driving habits. 


  • Offers location and geofencing features
  • Monitors activity and allows app-blocking
  • Monitors driving habits for added security


  • Activity reports offer limited insights
  • Lacks a call monitoring feature


Intelius is a handy application for tracking publicly available data. Whether running a background check or finding someone’s address, Intelius has got you covered. You may also use it as a track phone number app to monitor loved ones. 

Notable Features

  1. Phone number lookup: Provides names, addresses, social media handles, and photos from a simple phone number search.
  2. Background checks: Gathers all publicly available on a subject to provide detailed background check reports, including criminal records.
  3. Unlimited reports: Offers subscription tiers with unlimited monthly person and address reports.
  4. Property data lookup: Provides useful insights into real estate addresses you may be interested in.


  • Dedicated customer support
  • Offers unlimited monthly reports
  • Offers competitive pricing


  • Suffers inaccuracies at times
  • Users have reported difficulties canceling their subscriptions


As its name suggests, Phonyspy is a robust monitoring app for tracking activity on other mobile devices. It has moderate brand awareness, but it’s worth a try due to its glitch-free operation and features.

Notable Features

  1. Calls and SMS monitoring: Shows all calls made to or from the monitored device, as well as incoming and outgoing text messages.
  2. Social media monitoring: Provides access to all correspondence on popular messaging and social media sites.
  3. Media access: Shows all photos and videos captured or downloaded on the device in question.
  4. Internet activity tracking: Monitors activity over browsers and tracks incoming and outgoing emails.
  5. Location tracking: Uses GPS to log location histories and live location of the target device.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Monitoring iPhones requires no physical access to the target device
  • Responsive, round-the-clock customer support
  • Accesses direct messages on social media


  • On Android, it requires physical installation on the device being tracked


Does Facebook notify someone when you screenshot their story?

Facebook notifies users whenever someone views their story but doesn’t do so for screenshots. Thus, you won’t know when others take screenshots of your story.

Can hackers access media on your phone?

Hackers can infiltrate your phone and access your information and media files, or they could use third-party apps that grant them the same access.

Is it possible to intercept someone’s texts?

There are several ways to track someone’s texts, such as hacking or using a monitoring app like mobile free tracker.