5 Reasons Irons Are The Best Type Of Golf Club There Is

Golf players have a myriad of clubs at their disposal, but there is one that they will forever keep circling back to, standing tall above all the rest: golf irons. 

Much is attributed to the success of golf irons. They have an essential status within the sport, granting them an affinity with all its players. They’re also relatively common but their uses are many, and that’s what keeps all sporting equipment at the peak of its popularity. Accessible to all yet endlessly dynamic, golf irons were here at the start of good golfing, and they’ll be here at the end too.

With golf set to return by the 29th of March, now is the perfect time to appreciate everything the sport has to offer. Golf irons are a big part of what makes golf great, and after the jump is an explanation as to why.  

Versatile Uses

While it’s important for the play in golf to be as dynamic as possible, some clubs will enjoy sporadic usage while others will be used far more regularly. 

Irons fall into the latter camp here, enjoying a versatile range of uses. This makes them less ‘a piece of equipment’, and more an extension or expression of the sportsman’s overall makeup. They are the most common type of club, and that makes them dependable in a flash where many other clubs simply won’t do. 

The types of situations where irons can be effectively used could be: 

  • Getting the ball out from the clutches of bunkers or shallow water features. 
  • Playing within a 200-yard range of the green for tighter aim and control. 
  • Teeing the ground on holes that’re shorter. 
  • Striking the ball further with a shorter loft. 

Golf irons could likely do well in a pinch in a smattering of other scenarios too, but the bullet points above cover their main purposes. They’re useful more often than not, and so it becomes easy to understand why golfers greatly depend upon them. 

Numerous in Nature

Golf bags are often packed full of clubs, so many that newcomers can understandably feel a little bit intimidated merely looking at them. How does one remember what they all are, and what they all do?

Golfers can have up to 14 clubs in his or her bag at any one time, consisting of a putter, 3 iterations of woods, and 8 irons (including the pitching wedge). Clearly, because they’re so many in number, the importance of irons is rather self-explanatory from here on. They’re the bread and butter of the golfing world, and their overwhelming presence typifies just how vital they are to good golfing. 

As the purposes of irons has already been covered, then it is also worth mentioning that seven of those eight irons are not merely spares. They will each have a nuance in their design that means they can fulfil a certain role more beautifully than the next, so each one contributes something important to the play. 

This might seem like something of an elementary point to make, on the surface. However, excellence in sport has many subconscious influences. If players know that they have an arsenal of diverse and adaptable irons at their disposal, it can improve their confidence significantly. Golf is a battle of wits just as much as it’s a battle of ‘who has the better swing’, and even the smaller considerations count for a lot. 

Classic Nature

Sport constantly oozes iconic imagery, from prolific players reaching out through history to the esteem of the renown tools of the trade. Golf irons are exemplary of the latter every time.

If gold irons are used more than most other clubs, then it stands to reason that eventually, they will ascertain something near to ‘iconic’ status. It’s what players are familiar with, what they swing most often in confidence or nervously fiddle with most when they behold their opponents play. It’s a constant companion, of sorts, and that level of comfort is not to be underestimated. 

The sport has changed considerably in recent times due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and golfers everywhere are experiencing further anxiety around how their favourite sport may be tampered with in the forthcoming months. Courses will inevitably reopen, but will it all the be the same? However, golf irons provide a little bit of consistency in matters, an irremovable force that is rooted deep within the very lore of golfing. Much like the ball can’t be taken out football, golfing irons can’t be taken out of golf. 

TaylorMade Excellence

TaylorMade is a name that constantly resurfaces when it comes to irons. The golf sports equipment company is a pioneer of this arena, and each product of theirs is a hallmark of excellence. 

Thanks to companies like Scottsdale, it’s never been easier for golfers to get their hands on TaylorMade irons at an affordable price. Fast delivery is a priority here also, and their stock can be bought at an upfront cost or over a monthly period. There’s a customer-friendly flexibility at work here, and it extends to all their golfing related stock whether enthusiasts are looking for irons or anything else that they could need.

Dubbed by Scottsdale as being responsible ‘for perhaps the biggest advancement in golf irons technology in the last twenty years’, there’s a real sense of innovation at the heart of everything TaylorMade try to achieve. Many sports equipment companies will sit back on their victories and produce the same products again and again. However, that’s not the case when it comes to the TaylorMade brand and their endeavours in golf irons. They’re always working on bettering what they offer as all good sportsmen and sportswomen should be.

Players can work that constant energy of improvement into their own game, an infectious motivator that is sure to change how players frame golf in their mind. It’s the power of a brand, and it really does count for an enormous lot, especially when it comes to how people enjoy sport. 

Exposure from the Greats

All sport is a business to some degree, and all sporting equipment is first a commodity before it enjoys any usage. Golf irons are often at the fore of any marketing push in the sport. 

More prolific entities in the golfing word continue to boost their appeal. After all, 2017 saw Rory McIlroy sign a $100m deal with TaylorMade, agreeing to use the firms balls, bags, and of course, their high quality golf irons too. The arrangement wasn’t exclusive to golf irons, of course, but as previously established early in this article, TaylorMade are famed for their quality offerings on them. Their use by a former world number 1 undoubtedly makes a difference in their sheer prestige, a resounding endorsement that echoes through time. 

Mixing this element with their classic nature, golf irons are far from niche. They rose to prominence long ago and there they will stay, with their finest makers at the epicentre of luxury brand deals with the most famous faces in the sport. If an up-and-comer golfer really wants to look like they’re at the top of their game before any onlookers, then being viewed with golf irons to hand will sell that image.