4 Benefits of CBD Oil for Beard and Face Skin

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural non-intoxicating cannabis component that has been skyrocketing in popularity recently. Many CBD consumers take this supplement to cope with pain, inflammation, and sleep disorders.

CBD oil is becoming one of the top-selling skincare and hair supplements. So how does it help your skin and facial hair? Keep reading to find this out and grow a luxurious thick beard.

Top 4 CBD Benefits for Facial Hair and Skin

Once you take CBD capsules, smoke the best CBD cigarettes, or smear CBD cream on your knees, cannabidiol enters your bloodstream. Then, it interacts with cannabinoid receptors and releases its beneficial properties.

The good news is that your skin and hair follicles also contain plenty of cannabinoid receptors. It means that CBD can do its job on your skin and hair as well. So check what CBD does to your facial hair and skin below.

Promotes Hair Growth

In the midst of 2021, scientists proved that CBD promotes hair growth and even treats androgenic alopecia. Thus, CBD consumption increases hair growth by 70%-120%.

Another extensive study review suggests that CBD induces hair growth in general as it heals hair bubbles when taken orally in small doses.

Reduces Post-Shaving Inflammation and Rash

Are you tired of itching, inflammation, and swollen ingrown hairs after shaving your beard? CBD significantly reduces skin irritation as it fights inflammation.

It does it in the same way as it fights pain. CBD reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines in your facial skin and hair bulbs. Furthermore, it soothes pain receptors. Consequently, your face will no longer itch once you remove hair from unwanted places. CBD can also prevent your beard from itching as it grows.

Rejuvenates Face Skin

Guys also want to look younger than they are. Just look at Samuel L. Jackson. Is he in his mid-50s? No, he’s 72. Nobody knows what he does to stay fresh exactly. But apparently, aging comes with oxidation and free radicals that damage our skin.

The good news is that antioxidants reduce these free radicals and help your skin (and body overall) stay younger. This is what CBD does. It lowers reactive oxygen species (ROS) that cause cell damage, helps your body remove them, and induces natural antioxidative mechanisms. It’s more potent than common antioxidants and helps your skin stay fresher and cleaner.

Combats Skin Disorders

Lastly, CBD helps with inflammatory skin disorders like acne and dermatitis. Cannabidiol does so due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. But how does it help with acne? It regulates sebum that our glands produce and decreases skin inflammation.

Excessive sebum can plug pores, causing pimples and acne. Essentially, acne appears when a hair follicle gets plugged and develops the infection. CBD is an effective remedy for this as it regulates sebum production and fights skin inflammation. As a result, your skin pores don’t get plugged, and inflammation doesn’t occur.

What CBD to Buy for Beard and Face Skin?

There are plenty of CBD products on the market, but it doesn’t matter which one you choose for skin and facial hair treatment. CBD chocolate, CBD oils, capsules, organic CBD cigarettes, and CBD gummies – all these products will bring the desired results.

It’s up to you which one to buy. However, picking a high-quality CBD brand is a whole different story. Learn how to buy high-end CBD below.

How to Choose a Reliable CBD Brand?

These four universal questions will help you buy the best CBD cigarettes, gummies, vape oils, or capsules:

  1. Is CBD oil verified? To land on a tested CBD brand, you need to check it for lab results and licensing. You can find this information on the brand’s site or ask for it there.
  2. Are CBD Cigarettes USA made? Make sure your CBD cigarettes, capsules, tinctures, and vape oils come from the US. American hemp suppliers follow the strictest farming standards, producing more potent and efficient CBD goods.
  3. Does CBD oil contain THC? Check CBD products for THC content – it shouldn’t exceed 0.3%.
  4. What do customers say about CBD goods? Check feedback and aim for detailed reviews. One detailed CBD cigarettes review can tell you much more than a dozen “nice smoke – recommend” ones.

The Bottom Line

CBD can do wonders for your skin and facial hair. Scientific studies and medical trials suggest that cannabidiol stimulates hair growth, rejuvenates facial skin, and treats inflammatory skin conditions. So these properties can make CBD an excellent addition to your grooming regimen. Lastly, make sure you buy high-quality CBD goods from reliable and lab-tested American brands.

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