3 Useful Tips When Predicting Games

Do you want to make some extra cash betting on NFL? Although the game can surprise everyone, there are ways you can predict NFL games to your advantage. There are factors at play you may never have considered, and they can affect the result in dramatic fashion.

So what are they? Unless you’re already well-experience in sports betting, predicting NFL games can be a shot in the dark.

We have a guide to tip the odds in your favour. Read on for 3 top tips for predicting NFL.

1 . Ask Arpad Elo

Who? Well, we’ll tell you. Arpad Elo was a Hungarian American physics professor who turned his skills to the sports industry. He invented the Elo rating system, a method for working out the skill of individual players in zero-sum matchups. You can capitalise on this via Props.com

Zero-sum games pit two sides against each other, like in NFL, and when one side gains an advantage, the other side loses theirs. Being a physics professor, Elo quantified this, forming the basis of the plus and minus odds system we know in NFL betting.

The best NFL props predictors dig into a team’s past matchups, assess the outcomes, and work out the variables. Plus, minus, over and under bets all benefit from this system.

2 . Become an Expert of the Game

If you’re reading this, we can safely bet you’re an NFL fan. But are you willing to up your game? By studying the sport, its players and its teams, you can give yourself an edge over other sports betters and come out on top.

Dig into how each team trains to reveal their most used plays. Some teams fare better against others, while even the best-performing team can fall short against certain opponents. Strategy counts for a lot here, and team cohesion is a decisive factor in any NFL game, as is adherence to the rules.

Star players are important, but they can’t win the game alone. A new signing may give your team a boost, but how were they playing beforehand? Check out previous matchups against teams with contrasting playing styles; a solid defence can derail even the most aggressive team.

3 . How’s the Weather?

This is one of the most overlooked factors in NFL betting. If a team is used to the crystal skies of the southwest coast, they may struggle to engage in the overcast, gloomy northern fall. Temperature affects physiology in even the fittest players, and the environment they’re used to helps their game.

Research past games in similar weather conditions to the upcoming matchup. This can help you predict the environmental factors that may make all the difference. A local team, adapted to the conditions, will usually have the advantage. Time zones matter too – jet lag affects cognition.

Make Smarter NFL Predictions Today

Apply these tips to your next NFL wager. Most sports betters look at the obvious variables – a star quarterback, a gleaming record or a clean defensive sheet – but the other factors at play can surprise them.

Take advantage of proposition betting to diversify your wagers. Prop predictions can help put extra cash in your pocket.