3 Best Running Shoe Brands of 2024

With the abundance of running shoe brands to choose from, one may question which brand reigns supreme.

Every individual has different preferences, making it impossible for a single brand to suit everyone perfectly.

A variety of well-known running shoe brands in the industry provide shoes that cater to different running preferences. Each company creates and produces different kinds of running shoes, with some focusing on highly cushioned options for long-distance running, and others specializing in trail running or track shoes.

In order to speed up your search and help you find the perfect running shoes, AthleteSite.com specialists have provided a list of the top running shoe brands for 2024.

Marathon Sports is a business that specializes in running. With over four decades of expertise, our team is committed to assisting both walkers and runners in discovering the perfect footwear to suit their specific requirements.

To guarantee the utmost quality and perfect fit, we conduct thorough research, testing, and multiple rounds of examination on the running shoes we offer. We have complete confidence in the brands we carry, and several of them have made it to our compilation of the top three running shoe brands for the year 2024.

3 Best Running Shoe Companies for 2024

In our analysis of the top three running shoe companies for 2024, we provide crucial details about the brands, their standout shoe models, and the distinctive technologies they offer.


Brooks has been part of the footwear industry since 1914 and introduced their initial running shoe in 1974. In 2001, their main objective shifted towards designing the most exceptional running shoes worldwide.

Brooks is known for producing high-quality running shoes that are both comfortable and supportive. Their popular models include the Ghost, Adrenaline GTS, and the Addiction. These shoes are made with durable materials, ensuring longevity. Designed by runners themselves, Brooks has gained a trustworthy reputation in the field of running shoes.

Everyone can wear Brooks running shoes. They provide walkers and long-distance runners with comfortable cushioning, while also offering high-performance options for competitive racers.

The Ghost, Adrenaline GTS, Glycerin, and Hyperion (Tempo and Elite) are the models that stand out as the most popular.


HOKA is a brand of sports shoes that focuses specifically on running. While some of their models may be priced slightly higher, this is due to the use of top-quality materials and durable construction, ensuring longevity.

The individuals at HOKA company are committed to being innovative, which involves conducting thorough research and development that sets them apart from other brands. As a result, they offer a range of exceptionally high-quality running shoes for individuals who aim to make the most out of every run.

HOKA’s shoes typically come with a spacious area for the toes, which is beneficial for individuals with wider feet. This feature helps to reduce common foot problems that runners often experience, such as ingrown toenails, discomfort in the toes, and bunions.

Initially renowned for producing high-quality, cozy, and supportive footwear designed specifically for trail running, HOKA has now expanded its offerings to cater to athletes from diverse disciplines, ensuring that they can find the desired products.

The Clifton, Speedgoat, Arahi, Bondi, and Challenger are among the most popular models.


ASICS, like Brooks, is a renowned brand in the running shoe industry. It was established in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka, with the belief that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Today, the company aims to contribute to the well-being and happiness of individuals worldwide.

ASICS is famous for their groundbreaking GEL™ Technology, which they use to provide better comfort, shock absorption, and improved overall comfort.

The company achieves its purpose by offering top-notch running shoes suitable for various types of runners, including competitive athletes, marathon participants, casual walkers in the neighborhood, and those who enjoy running on trails. Regardless of your preferred running style, Asics provides long-lasting, comfortable, and top-quality shoes designed specifically for you.

The Gel-Cumulus, Gel-Kayano, Gel-Nimbus, GT-2000, Novablast, and Metaspeed (Sky and Edge) are the models that are highly favored by most people.