QPR boss keen not to push Armstrong too hard

QPR striker Sinclair Armstrong
Sinclair Armstrong has looked exciting since being a chance in the QPR side (Picture: Ian Randall Photography)

Mick Beale says it is important that he does not push QPR youngster Sinclair Armstrong too hard while he learns how to better conserve his energy.

Armstrong started his second game in a week in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Wigan Athletic but was replaced at half-time for “tactical” reasons as well as tiredness, Beale said.

And the QPR boss admits the way Armstrong plays has left him feeling drained.

“I had to ask Sinclair to go again, so I think it’s fair to say he was shattered again at half-time,” he said.

“That’s something we need to work on. The way that he plays, with the energy he uses, he’s not able to sustain it. That’s just the youthfulness and the energy that he has.

“I think emotionally as well, he was tired. It was his first start on Wednesday, and I tried to hide it from him. I’m not sure if he knew he was starting again.

“This is a boy that came over from Shamrock Rovers and played at Torquay and Aldershot. All of a sudden I’m throwing him into a team at the top of the Championship.

“I think he’s been absolutely fantastic for us. I just don’t want to break him or push him too hard too soon.

“You never know how some players recover from games. Everyone is different and just because he looks a big physical specimen, he is 19-year-old and it’s important we keep developing him and working with him.”