QPR accused in ‘Dennis the Menace’ row

A furious QPR fan is accusing the club of stealing his idea for next season’s away kit.

Richard Deeney, who runs a menswear company, believes Rangers’ proposed red and black shirt is based on a mock-up he put together earlier this year.

Deeney set up a Facebook group to urge fans to back his proposed design, which he and others ‘tweeted’ to chairman Tony Fernandes as well as club staff.

QPR recently invited fans to choose from a number of possible away shirts in a poll on their official website.

The so-called Dennis the Menace look has been worn by the R’s in previous seasons and remains hugely popular, so is certain to be chosen.

And Deeney is convinced the design [pictured above] is based on his.

“I’m not looking to cause trouble. I’m a lifelong Rangers fan and it’s not really about the financial aspect,” he said.

“I’d just like the club to be courteous and honourable enough to admit the designs were based on ours.

“Sure, one or two things have been changed. But the basic ‘Dennis the Menace’ design is clearly based on our mock-up.

“We wanted a sharp, modern-looking kit, with clean lines, a slight retro feel, smarter collar etc, so we thought we would design our own kit.

“Tony Fernandes says he reads all tweets and I find it hard to believe he nor anyone at the club saw what we sent.

“There were several tweets sent and Facebook postings on fan and club pages from very early in the year to the club and Tony Fernandes.

“The club say no-one there saw the designs we suggested and I just don’t buy that. It’s too much of a coincidence.”

QPR insist their design is in no way based on Deeney’s and that the club were unaware of his suggestions.



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