What Holloway wants from goal kicks and the two QPR players told to ‘run like hell’

Ian Holloway has had plenty to say about his football philosophy and what he wants from his team since his return as QPR manager.

Having recently spoken about three key things he wanted to change at Rangers, Holloway has been talking goal-kicks and more about what he wants from certain players.

For starters, Holloway, who places a huge emphasis on the importance of ‘restarts’, has told his players they need to spread out at goal kicks in order to stretch opposing teams as much as possible.

Holloway on goal kicks

“I’ve seen top teams all around the world and what they do from goal kicks. From a wide ‘split’ you can do whatever you want – particularly when you’ve got lovely little Fancy Dan footballers that we’ve got a load of.

“I want to spread out, play through and pass to them, not drop it in from goal kicks and then squeeze over – that makes it a fight. We’re not going to win a fight with that team I picked (against Wolves), are we? Not in a million years.”

On Jordan Cousins

“He needs to believe in himself a little bit more. But I love him. I’ve seen him play brilliantly.”

On Conor Washington

“I need Conor to stay up front. He’s a centre-forward.”

On Sandro

“He wasn’t shown love. I’m having him all day long. He hasn’t put a foot wrong.”

On Yeni Ngbakoto and Idrissa Sylla

“I need the French boys to run like hell. Too many times they’re stood about.”