Hughes: Barton’s tweeting is not a concern

Mark Hughes remains unconcerned by Joey Barton’s antics on Twitter – despite the midfielder’s stinging attack on former boss Neil Warnock.

Barton was at the centre of yet more controversy on Friday when he used a number of tweets to mock Warnock, who was recently replaced as manager by Hughes.

The new man at the helm previously explained that he would only object to Barton’s tweeting if it related to team affairs.

Warnock was mocked by Barton.

And he insists the player’s remarks about Warnock do not fit into that bracket.

Hughes said: “No, it’s not a concern at this stage. I think Joey understands that what happens in the dressing room stays there.

“If I felt that was going to be compromised then we’d have a conservation and talk it through, but I haven’t felt the need to do that.”

Referring to Barton’s criticism of Warnock, the Welshman added: “Joey wants to be successful – that’s why he came here.

“Perhaps he felt a little bit of frustration because he felt it wasn’t going as well as he’d hoped.

“We’re here to help him and help the team remain in the Premier League, and then who knows where we could go. It’s why I’m here. It’s why Joey’s here. We want to be successful.”

And Hughes dismissed suggestions that Barton puts too much pressure on himself by ensuring he remains in the spotlight.

“Some players thrive on it [pressure]. There are some players who can’t handle it. For Joey it’s water off a duck’s back,” he said.

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