Holloway on transfers, his wife’s threat, Sylla, Bircham’s behaviour and what Perch said to Furlong

QPR: Ian Holloway

Ian Holloway spoke about a number of things after QPR’s 1-1 draw with Fulham at Loftus Road on Saturday. Here’s just some of what the Rangers manager had to say.

On his team’s performance

“It was a very gutsy performance – very committed with lots of things we did well and some we can do a lot better.

“Are we where Fulham are at the moment? Probably not. But I think our fans saw we care about the club and want to get stuck in.”

On Fulham’s penalty

“Luckily for me my goalkeeper saved the penalty but it’s still hard to believe it was given. I could clearly see it wasn’t a penalty.”

On the two melees late in the game

“Things happened that you would expect to be controlled by the officials. It was all ‘what’s going on here?’

“I thought the referee lost control of the situation. I’m not sure who started it. There was a bit of a ruck and for once I wasn’t involved.

“It was a mad couple of minutes. It felt like it was madness for a while.

“I think it’s the pressure the referees have been put under. I’ve known Mr Stroud for years and he has been a fantastic referee.

“What they’re being asked to do and how they’re being asked to referee has changed. I felt he lost control of the game.”

On Marc Bircham being sent from the dugout

“Something happened, I don’t know what. I don’t know whether Birch manufactured it to give us a bit more time – I don’t know.

“One of my players was shoved by one of their players – so Birch said. Do I believe that at at the minute? I don’t know until I see it, because he’s such a crafty cockney God knows what he did or what he was saying.

“To take a round of applause at the end, I don’t know what he was doing. If I’m sent off I’m not happy about it, so I don’t know what he was doing orchestrating the crowd. But the crowd and the team were together today.

“It’s a shock I wasn’t involved, because normally I’m a feisty, horrible little nasty piece of work.

“My wife has warned me she will leave me if I ever get caught in those shenanigans again. The last thing I want to do at my time of life is lose the best person I’ve ever met in my life.”

On Darnell Furlong

“He’s getting better all the time. I really like him.”

On leaving out James Perch

“The difference was that Perch said to me: ‘You can’t leave him out gaffer after the way he played – he was brilliant’.

“There’s a difference. Beautiful. ‘Why aren’t you playing me? I’m so good why aren’t you playing me?’ That aint here anymore.
“Perchy went ‘Well done, Darnell.’ That’s what it’s all about for me.”

On Idrissa Sylla

“I’ve got to be on top of Sylla and makes sure he does it, because sometimes he doesn’t.

“Maybe he didn’t have to in France, but he’s going to have to if he wants to play for me.

“And if he ever throws his toys out of the pram or pulls that face again then he won’t be playing for me. Simple as that.

“LuaLua was coming on at Reading and if you give it all of that that must mean you think you’re better than him. Well that ain’t right.”

On Ryan Manning

“I don’t expect Ryan Manning to go out there and outplay someone like Tom Cairney. Not yet. Maybe in a couple of months time, but not now – it’s too early for him.

“It’s been a terrific couple of weeks for him. He’s a great lad and I’m really pleased for him.

“He’s helping our group start to believe and start to get over issues and get over problems.”

On transfers

“If I get the three players I’m after, I’m going to be buzzing. So watch this space.

“And I might have to watch it, because we’re not exactly a cheetah out of the blocks at the minute to go and get who we want.

“We are a bit of a sloth. But we might get there. I think the tortoise won that race with the hare. So let’s see.”