Dykes in line for 100th QPR appearance

QPR’s Lyndon Dykes is in line for his 100th appearance for the club (Photo: Ian Randall Photography)

QPR striker Lyndon Dykes has urged boss Mick Beale not to rest him for Tuesday’s game against Huddersfield.

It would be the Scotland international’s 100th appearance for the club and Beale revealed Dykes came to see him on Monday to tell him he is fit to play despite a gruelling recent run of games.

“I think he has given his teammates everything physically, often to the detriment of his own game,” Beale said.

“He will chase back, press people and often be in a place where a number nine maybe doesn’t want to be. But that is Lyndon.

“I want our team in the final third to be unpredictable, rotate and move around.

“In the last month he has played with Sinclair Armstrong as a strike partner, played with different players off him, but he never moans and he gives us everything he has got.

“He is a player I love working with and he has been to see me to remind me it’s his 100th game and that’s almost to remind me he doesn’t want a rest.

“He has been playing with so many bumps and bruises the last few weeks. I am surprised how much he has been able to get out of his body. But he does it for his team.”