Cifuentes hails ‘baller’ Andersen’s impact at QPR

Marti Cifuentes has hailed the impact of Lucas Andersen since the Danish playmaker’s arrival at QPR.

Andersen, who previously played under Rangers boss Cifuentes at Aalborg, has impressed following his recent move to west London.

And he was outstanding in the 2-2 draw against West Brom.

Cifuentes said: “I’m not surprised, because I know him very well and I’m very happy with the impact he’s having.

“I think he also fits very well into the club philosophy, with a bit of history in this club of having this type of technical player – ‘ballers’.

“He’s having a great impact on the team and all the other players can see that he’s a quality player.

“The commitment he showed to come in the position we are in, fighting in a relegation battle, shows a lot about what kind of person he is as well.”

Wednesday’s draw, secured by Sam Field’s late equaliser, extended Rangers’ unbeaten run to four matches.

The upturn has taken Cifuentes’ side out of the relegation zone and a win at home to Middlesbrough on Saturday would leave them just five points behind the Teessiders, who are currently 12th in the table.

They have no new injury worries, with Rayan Kolli and Aaron Drewe the only players sidelined.

Jake Clarke-Salter was replaced by Morgan Fox late in the West Brom game, but Cifuentes explained: “He’s totally OK. It was a tactical substitution.

“We felt that Foxy could help us perhaps in the only situation we thought West Brom could win the game, set pieces.

“We wanted to just close with three men and Foxy is very good in that ‘side-back’ – not centre-back and not full-back – position. It’s very natural for him.

“So that’s why we decided to put him on and take Jake out, with Chrissy (Willock) in a type of left wing-back position.”