Middlesex furlough players and most staff

Middlesex Cricket have furloughed all their players and the majority of coaches, professional support and administrative staff.

The move is “to protect the long-term well-being and stability of the club” during the coronavirus crisis, Middlesex announced on Thursday.

In addition, all staff, whether furloughed or not, whose annual salary is above £27,500, have also agreed to a pay cut of 17% , initially until the end of May, with senior management taking a 20% reduction.

“We are operating in unprecedented times,” said chief executive Richard Goatley.

“We have to make difficult decisions that not only protect the future of Middlesex Cricket but the jobs of our employees.

“For all staff to agree voluntarily to a significant salary reduction for the next two months is testament to how invested they are in Middlesex Cricket and committed to helping the club through this crisis.”

Middlesex say a skeleton staff has been retained “to ensure that the club maintains operating efficiency.”