Middlesex captain to see specialist

Middlesex captain Neil Dexter has been referred to a specialist after recently suffering a broken finger.

An X-ray has revealed a chip on the knuckle of the first finger of his left hand, and he will remain sidelined while the extent of the damage is assessed. Chris Rogers will continue to stand is as skipper.

“Losing Neil is obviously a blow,” said Middlesex’s managing director of cricket Angus Fraser.

“No team wants to lose its captain, especially when there is a lot to play for, which is the case with us. At the moment we do not know how long Neil will be out for – we will have a better idea when he has seen a finger specialist.

“However, we are extremely fortunate to have a figure like Chris Rogers to take over. Chris is highly respected amongst the team, has an excellent cricket brain and has plenty of captaincy experience.”